2007年12月27日 星期四

Pictures during the Miri trip

suspension bridge in Public park, Miri

water playground in Public Park,Miri

There are some more pictures but don't know why I can't upload more at the more moment. And I can't put the pictures at the centre of the article. Someone who is pro can help me or not?

2007年12月26日 星期三


Went to an interview today, is for temporary teacher in primary school. Wear a pinkybaju kurung and went to the office with my friend. Very upset today because can't do very well, I can't speak clearly that time, I think I'm the worst person in my group!

There was five person in a group, so lucky my friend who became my driver was same group with me, at least I won't feel lonely. There was another girl same group with us, she was the student at my next class. Another two was came from other school, I can't remember a guy's name, I knew him as he is also joined Red Cresent Society, I guess he didn't recognize me anymore. His silly hairstyle was so funny! There were two Malay interviewer, asked us about how we make sure the pupils will pay attenttion in the class and listen to us, if we are the teacher. I was the last person who gave the answer, I can't rearrange the word although I have the idea, I was too panic until I can't speak clearly! My hand was shaking that time...And they aslo asked about the advantages on organizing the LIMA07 exhibition, is about airplane one. Maybe I sat at the side, I can't hear cleary what did he ask, but I was too scared to say, "I beg your pardon." Already got person hands up and answered. Luckily the interviewer repeat the exhibition name, if not, I really can't answer! Why I can't express my word well? My friend still can speak clearly and steady although I heard his shaking voice...Oh no, I guess I will loose the chance although I gave some encouragement word to my friend after the interview. I don't want him to feel depressed although I'm also the one who feel so upset.

Saw a lot of my classmates came for interview this morning. I guess those who apply will be called for interview, there will be more friends come for interview tomorrow, wish them good luck! But feel suprised when I heard there are some top students who also come for interview, my chance will be smaller and smaller and smaller...can't think about it anymore!

I really hope to become a temporary teacher...
I really hope I can success in my 3rd interview...since I already attend interiver for IPG twice
I really hope God will bless me...

2007年12月25日 星期二

*礼物 GIFT*

two little deers inside the love crystal

*~ my favourite gift~*

two little gifts



《最美丽的礼物》是今年教区圣诞节的主题,所以《一份礼物》是乎成为了主题曲, 是一首非常好听,非常有意义的歌。虽然听过我朋友说,这首歌听起来有点悲哀,可是它也是我其中最喜欢的歌,而且它的歌词非常有意义的!

是 的,在这个佳节里,我们会想到的包括礼物、圣诞老公公等等,不过别忘了,圣诞节是耶稣的生日,是普世欢庆的生日。所以,我们可别把我们的寿星公给忘了 噢! 顺便提醒大家,圣诞节的主角不是长满白胡须、穿着红彤彤的衣服、声音响亮的胖公公,而是上帝赐给人类最美丽的礼物,也就是上帝的独生子 ─

说 实在的,自从信主以来,上帝给我的礼物真的是太多太多了!他让我了解生命的意义,在人际关系方面帮助我,还有很多很多…就 说昨晚的游街报佳音,虽然之前 我曾犹豫,因天气及涨水的关系而想过放弃参加,但最后感谢神的恩典,他指示我参与。虽然有走过因涨水而被掩的路,也淋过雨,可是很奇妙,雨下得不大,而且 在面临涨水问题的住宅区
也就是我住的地方)没有下雨,感谢神!在其中我感受到喜乐,非常开心,没有后悔参加此节目…今早我也献上我的舞蹈给主,希望蒙他 悦纳!

2007年12月20日 星期四

Spreading gospel in Betong

Christmas is coming soon! Besides practice dance, I also joined this activity last Tuesday. First time I joined this kind of activity, it is so meaningful! Especially when I heard the messages from a brother and a sister in Christ, again I understand the real meaning of Christmas is to celebrate the born of Jesus Christ to the world. So, the main character of this joyful, peaceful season is JESUS CHRIST, not Santa Claus or Christmas tree!

Actually, this is my first time to go to Betong. It takes two hours from Sarikei to Betong. It is a little town, I hate I don't have a digital camera, if not, sure I snap the pcicture every where and share it here! Can anyone tell me, which brand I should buy? I mean digital camera!

Okay, back to topic. Although Betong is a small town, only as big as Bintangor town, but the new facilities and buildings are really...I really amazed! How come Sarikei don't have such a State office? Next time when I get the picture, sure I post it here.

That day we went to five houses, if I am not mistaken. Just peace and joy...Although very tired at the end and cannot sleep in the van, but still so happy. Really a meaningful night, although I arrived home at midnight.

Thanks God because of yout blessing...

Problems with National Service

I went to Sibu yesterday, tried to apply to get into Bumimas Camp to join National Service next year. The Madame is a bit fierce, but we understand, she was also can't do anything, because they need to listen the instructions from KL.

Actually, I was selected to join National Service last year, but I postponed as I need to sit for the exam. I did this process through school but the problem is, somehow the postpone is not approved! I didn't get any reply said that it is approved and I don't have my name in the newest name list, I checked it just now...What happen? Really frustated with this...

Can someone who is experienced help me? I don't know why I didn't receive the reply...
Somebody answer me!!!

2007年12月18日 星期二

Trip to Bintulu-Miri Part 2


Next day, we continued our journey to Miri. We used the new road, not the old coastal road anymore. The distance maybe almost the same, but there are few cars using this road, not need to face with "traffic jam" (actually not that serious, =p), so the time is shorten. And the journey smooth too because the road is in the good condition, and there's a lot of oil palm tree along the road, greenish...just don't have sign board along the road, maybe somebody just steal them away, who knows. This made us went to the wrong way, but somehow my dad didn't see the signboard, he drove to a place where policemen are there, for what I'm not sure, I need to ask them how to we go to Miri, thanks a lot for their help, we arrive Miri succesfully! Then when we went back, we noticed there is a signboard saying the way to go to Miri and Bintulu, how clumsy my dad!

We stayed in Miri for two days, stayed at my youngest uncle's house. His house is located in a HUGE housing estate, I think as big as Bintangor maybe! Permyjaya, heard it before? Located far from the city, more than 10 km I guess. No school over there, just have several nurseries and kindergardens, but there is a supermarket called e-mart, the things sold over there is cheap! Especially the vegetables, four ikat only RM 2! Nah, just because we bought it at night, the hawkers wanted to go back, so they sold it with the cheap price. We also went to Boulevard Hypermarket and Serway Supermarket, so many shopping complex in Miri, but the things quite expensive, for me, haha! But there is offer during Christmas, so we bought things like clothes and shoes, haha! Go to Miri just for shopping...

Not really, my friend! We also went to Public Park, with new facilities, for me as I didn't went there for six years already! Got children water playground, suspension bridges(these are new one) the old and the new one I will explain to you by using pictures, haha! Really want to go down and play when I saw the water playground, GOOD to be a children again...but of couse I didn't do that! My little brother became crazy playing at the playground(not the water playground) with our little cousins, my 14 years old sister said she also crazy playing over there during the visit to Miri in June this year! I wish I can become a children again!

And almost the time we just sleep at home because too tired, haha! We visited my eldest uncle, just transfered to Miri. He also stays in the same housing estate. His sons want to go back to Sarikei already, because too bored at the new place! No friends, just watching DVD at home, until their face become fair.

On 16th December, we went back to Sarikei, and stopped by at Bintulu. Visited my mom's aunt, they are too...they tried to pursuade us to stay, until my parents didn't know what to do, at last we just sat into the car and ran away...Hoho, felt a bit regret to decide to visit them. When we arrived Sibu, we are fortunated to become one of the 'visitors' of the flood in Sibu. Although it was not the most serious one, but quite serious also. The water is smelly too, phew! Feel so pity and there's maybe another flood coming next week! Haiz~We found several roads to go to the Lanang bridge, but the roads were flooded, only big cars like Hilux, Land Cruise can go across. Thanks a lot to a lorry driver and an old man who ride a motorcycle, they told us certain roads cannot be across when we tried to do so. Somehow all people help each other during this difficult time, although we are stranger, so comfortable!

Arrived home almost at 6.30 p.m., after bought dinner and some durians, RM 16 for four durians, who want? I tell you, very nice...Crazy with durian.

I will be in Betong this afternoon, for the spreading gospel activities, as Christmas is coming! Of course the shopping complex in Bintulu and Miri are full of this season's spirit, with the Christmas songs and Christmas trees..."Last Christmas, I gave you my heart..." Familiar, isn't it? I heard several version at Farley, Bintulu! Something interesting want to share with you, Farley is located opposite with Sing Kwong in Sibu, same with Bintulu!

Will be more with some pictures in Bintulu and Miri~

2007年12月16日 星期日

Trip to Bintulu-Miri Part 1

Phew! Just coming back, feel really tired now, but still want to blog right now, maybe I just addicted to blog right now, haha! Can't wait to share the stories right now! But today I won't write all right here today, because really tired right now...

On 13th December, the trip started. At first we went to Bintulu, want to take a rest and overnight over there. And at the same time, there was a serious flood in Sibu town. So we really worried whether we can go to Bintulu or not, because need to go through Sibu. We went there through Durin, and the road is in the repairment, really headache during the journey. Want to faint! At last we arrive there after four hours I think, that time is already in the afternoon. That day some of my friends were also go out and play, one of them went to Sri Aman, another one went to Sibu airport, to go to Singapore. He is stucked at Sing Kwong shopping centre because of the flood, who asked him to go to Sibu town that day? Luckily he got in time to arrive at airport...

That day we took a chance to walk around Bintulu, went to Taman Tumbina and Tanjung Batu. So long I didn't go to these places since Form One, that time my little brother still a baby, and I just a youngster. Now, I am nearly 20 and he will be Primary 2 next year, time flew so fast! I didn't have much memories on Taman Tumbina, it seems didn't change a lot. But I love nature so much, I wish to stay in the rural area, or a small town, of course need to have some basic supply, like electricity, water and food, phone line also can; I'm not prefer to stay in big city like KL.

At Tanjung Batu, something had happened and this really gave me a big impact! We saw a youngster drowning in the sea! And nobody can save him because it was to dangerous that time. First time I saw with my eyes, a person lost his life, really horrible! That night I just pray, if he is a Christian, let him be with God. Ya, thanks God, I read the newspapers and found out he is a Christian...Again, I realise, the life is so weak, but just leave it to the Lord, everyday live for our Lord, and especially during this celebration, Christmas is coming soon! Can't wait to celebrate it, need to get ready for dance practice tomorrow I guess.

To be continue...

2007年12月11日 星期二

Some pictures during the trip in Sibu

View from 3rd floor in Parkson, blinking blue lights, brings you a wish of Merry Christmas!

A white Christmas tree with blue light~special!

Nah, just feel special and take a pic of it. The Christmas tree is so big and so tall and so special! I will be going to Sibu again and this time will take more pictures because there are more Christmas stuff to be shown! The bells are ringing and here comes Christmas...Let us celebrate the born of Jesus Christ!

2007年12月10日 星期一


This few days, staying at home, doing nothing, really boring! Can't wait to celebrate Christmas...

So fast, the time flew. It's already December right now, my birthday is coming soon, that means I' m growing older, to become 19, left one more year to become 20, so fast! So fast, I'm not a secondary school student anymore, finally I not need to wear school uniform anymore, hahaha!

Actually, God is fair. He gives everyone 24 hours everyday day, each hour has 60 minutes, each minutes has 60 seconds. It depends on how we spend everyday. Like last time during study, we didn't noticed that we were about to having examination. And this few days, I have nothing to do at home, just sleep for longer time, online for a longer time. Want to go out and hang out with friends, there's no body want to accompany me, haha! Everyday got some people messaged me and complained the life was boring this few days. If not because of them, I even can't 'waste' my time to reply their message!

But soon, the boring day is going to be end, because there are a lot of busy days started today. This afternoon I already started to practice for the performance at Christmas Night, and this will be continuous for weeks until Christmas Day. The muscle tomorrow is going to feel pain, because too long didn't do exercise, haha! Can't wait that day, the day when Jesus Christ was born to the Earth! Hope I can learn and memorize the steps of dance faster!

Feel tired now, maybe because I didn't take a nap this afternoon. Good night everyone!

2007年12月6日 星期四

Shopping Trip in Sibu

Long time didn't go to Sibu, since May I think, I still remember that time I was on school holiday...

Today really spend much money, just for shopping! Girls like shopping, isn't it? Haha! Buying clothes, shoes(that one is between my sister and my dad) and foods...Seems like I'm already 'out' during exam time, didn't noticed what is the latest fashion, latest hairstyle, latest songs, latest movie, latest drama...But from now, I will notice it, because I need it to fufill my long holiday! My friend was grumbling that he cannot have the trip, felt very bored because just staying at home, eat and sleep and watch TV. He didn't realize that we were too tired, the legs are pain, phew!

It just a lot of things happen this day. My sister had stomache after arriving Sibu, so had to went to toilet for few times. Then this one POWER! My brother had MISSING at the market! He followed my dad but my dad didn't know, when we met dad again, we just realise the little brother already missing. Dad and mum were very panic, my sister no reaction, only me who just laugh at there. Really don't know why I didn't feel panic that time, I just think want to find him at downstair, I just hope he was still at the market that time. When I told my parents about this thinking during the journey we back to Sarikei, my mum said,"Maybe he will bring by other people!" That time I just realized, am I too stupid or what? I start to wonder, why had I reacted like that after finding out he was missing...

Don't worry, he was still at the market and my mum found him, so now he is SAFE and HEAlTHY. Just still naughty after that incident, still going around when we were shopping in Sing Kwong. Then I was the one who had stomache during the journey we back, had to find a coffee shop and went to toilet! Because I'm too greedy, want to eat ice-cream, and this happens after I finished the ice-cream.

I guess a lot of people want to go out and play right after examination. I saw a lot of my friends from Bintangor shopping in Sibu. Good to see them, at least I know how are them. Really want to back to Bintangor and have a friends gathering! I also heard my friend said, got a group of friends which we know also came to Sibu and play around! Ya, Sibu can be said as our place to play around, Miss Touristsm World Grand Final will be held in Sibu, you see! Today the ladies went to the famous temple near wharf, my dad came to Sibu because of this! Pretty...pretty than me! Haha!

I need to go to Sibu again after a few weeks, to settle stuff about National Service...
What will I going to do for tomorrow? Any suggestion? I want to hang out with friends but no one...

2007年12月4日 星期二

What time is it?

Oh yeah, what time is it?
It's summertime!

No, that's for High School Musical 2!
It 's time where we were free!

Oh yeah, finally I finished all the papers! Coming up next is a very long holiday! Oh yeah! too happy until become crazy, hahaha!

Yaya, become crazy already, until want to spend long time to straightening my hair! Nothing to do this afternoon, so just go to salon and straighthen my hair! But it's not very well, but look okay already, haha! Rm 150! Oh man, so expensive! Next time I will doing this in Sibu, because the technique used is better and cheaper too, haha!

Tomorrow morning my family will go to Sibu, of course I will follow also, haha! Hey, it's my holiday now! For this whole month, I want to play whole day everyday before going to National Service next year. And also help in every Christmas events! Because nothing to do!

I want to online everyday, play computer game everyday, watch Korean and Taiwan drama everyday, sleep and eat everyday...but don't forget to keep fit, it's a need to join the service!

Continue my crazy day...

2007年11月30日 星期五

One paper left!

Oh yeah, left Biology paper 2! Time flew so fast! So fast I still left one paper, on next Tuesday morning, after 10.30a.m., I will be free! Free from school, school rules, teachers...but I gotta miss my friends, hope we can still hanging out after exam, still chatting, still SMS...hope we can always keep in touch!

Today I just study some of the essay questions, spotted by some people include students and teachers, quite a lot, you know! Then just online and chat with friends, they discussed aobut Biology, cool to have such pro friends like them! It helps me to study more and revise more, but I am bit bad and lazy compared to them, because they didn't online during exam week, unlike me, everyday online, although streamyx got time limit.

I am kinda person who always spend a lot of money. Last time I phoned a friend at West Malaysia for 2 hours! Don't know have to pay how much for this month telephone bill, maybe up to RM 200! This month only, don't know where the telephone bill go, my friend already received it...Yesterday night I phoned my friend, that is also my classmate and my neighbour and chat about 1 hour and the half, discussing about exam stuff, only this month, okay? But after exam, I will go to a vacation trip for 4 days and 3 nights. Costs RM 175! Looks like I need to work after this, after I back from National Service, see whether which badge I will going to join next year. Is there any job can be introduced to me??

Need to work hard for this paper. This is my last hope to get into local university. If Biology can get gred B, perhaps I can get a course specialised on this subject, maybe...If the spotted questions come out, haha!

I wonder why no people leave a comment after viewing my blog? Or just not many people viewing this? I already promote this address to all of my friend through Friendster, are they not interested to know me, or my blog is too lame? Oh no!


2007年11月25日 星期日

Two days...Still playing!

This two days break, is really a break! Just like I'm in holiday, sigh~

Yesterday, I went to Pineapple Festival. What is Pineapple Festival? Let me explain...
Pineapple Festival is organized few years ago, I didn't remember who and when it starts. Got a lot of stalls and exhibition from many departments, besides got fruit competition, singing competition, and a lot of activities. Yes, a lot of people especially in the morning and at night. Yesterday night, I went with my family. Every year go with family, really feel a bit lame, but what to do? Nobody wants to go with me, haha! Just kidding! But really saw a lot of friends and just kept saying "Hi!"
This festival will finish tomorrow...

Tonight, Myfamily and I went for a dinner, organized by Agriculture Department. The food is okay, but my stomach already full. The shows wasn't good, the PA system not good, only hearing the Ibans singing, so lame. Luckily he accompany me, if not, tonight will be very dull until fall asleep, haha! My dad's friend showed his son's married photograph in the handphone, I don't know why. His son, that is my friend, only 21 years old, still in the university and her wife just 19 years old! Don't know why they married early...

I waste two days already, what should I do? Next week three more days to go. This time is two days in the morning and one day in the afternoon.

26th November - Biology Paper 1 (8-9.45 a.m.)
27th November - Mathemathics T Paper 2 (8-11 a.m.)
28th November - Chemistry Paper 2 (2-4.30 p.m.)

Need to do better in these papers, because I already half of Chemistry and Math! Please pray for me!

2007年11月20日 星期二

P.Am Fever...Finally Recover

At last! P.Am paper finally finished~
Can throw away the book, hahaha!

Saying about today, starts from morning, I was woke up by a friend's message...ask me about a particular part in the paper. Then I SMS with other friends whole morning, asking about this and spend a lot of money!

The fever continue during that three hour exam. Starting from 2pm until 5pm, me again finsihed the paper just in time! But this time I didn't success to colour the graph...Still not comfirm with my all answer, don't know whether can score high mark or not, hope can get at least A- in this subject! But if I get B+, I have nothing to say...

I guess, after the exam, maybe it will be a result 'Flu' season, especially on Mac next year, because the result on that month. Now will be Chemistry "Fever''...I guess I'm not only fever, but PHOBIA!

2007年11月17日 星期六

Still in Fever~~

In exam fever, not me who get sick! TENSION!!! So have to online and blog, today is my longest day for online, about 5 hours maybe. I'm not using RM 66 for 24 hours one, I use RM 44 for 60 hours poer month...never mind, after this, I won't online until next month. You can say I won't use a lot this few days, but don't forget, my sister will online for a long time too, haha! At least next week nobody will online, because I am going to have exam, my sister already in the camp for a week. A week?!! Nah, she is one of the in-charge, need to go earlier.

Today don't know what happen to STPM candidates...I mean my friends. I think they are in P.Am fever, because we will have P.Am next week. Got four person I think, found me to discuss about P.Am Paper 2, asking about hot topics, pass year questions. Got one guy, he is nearly graduate from college, I don't know he help who, he doesn't have younger brother or sister who have this exam. He asked me hot topics by SMS. Thanks God we have the infrastructure of using handphone, can always SMS, not need spend a lot time and money, haha!

"FEVER" until 4th December...Phew!

Exam Fever!!!

Argh!!!! TENSION!!!!

19th November is coming soon, but still I not yet do anything much, beside reading P.Am essays. Next week need to go through four days of examination!

19th Nov--P.Am Paper 1(morning)
20th Nov--P.Am Paper 2(afternoon)
21th Nov--Chemistry Paper 1(afternoon)
22th Nov--Math Paper 1(afternoon)

Maybe you will say, at least it won't be too pack, just like SPM, but three papers in afternoon?? Oh man!

And one thing, I start to hate myself, because I just fool around at home this few days, do nothing much, and now I start to worry, worry why I don't have the spirit to do the preparation, just like before SPM two years ago. I don't know what is going to happen now, I really afraid I won't get a result that enable me to enter universtiy! Oh man!!!

Somebody please help me!!!

2007年11月8日 星期四

My Class T-Shirt!

Our class members...can you see my name?

The comic at the back...It's drawn based on our class photo. So shocked when guys become handsome and girls become pretty, haha!

The back view

The front view...black and orange, plus with simple design, isn't it beautiful?

At last! Our class T-shirt has already in our hand! So happy to receive it, and the things happenly magically, today is our last day at school, we will have our study leave starting tomorrow! But the time flew fast, only left 10 days! After this there is no two digits left, only one starting tomorrow...start to nervous. Actually we didn't know we will have the leave tomorrow, the principal suddenly made this announcement. When we heard about this, the response at first is shocked, then here comes an applause. Actually we didn't feel really happy, we felt shocked and I started to nervous because I can't easily seek for help...never mind, I can go to school and find teacher tomorrow.

Hope this T-shirt can be one of our memories...

2007年11月3日 星期六

Try to be strong

Be strong, for your study, for your life, for your future, forever and ever...

Yes, I need to be strong. I need to be strong to face the difficulties in my life, no matter the problem is big or small, no matter it's really difficult to go through, I have to, this is what God wants me to do, he wants to train me to be a strong person.

Just let go, let go, don't live in the past, these are your history already...he told me just now. Ya, just let go, this is only another experience in my life, ask me to be royal to my boyfriend, forever and ever. Even though one day I lost this boyfriend, I won't be together with other guy, they must be not accept if they find out my secret...just ignore it. I don't know whether he can understand what was I saying just now. But never mind, I also don't want your all to understand.

But it's really hard to give this up...never mind, someday, I will be, I just need to depend on God. God is the mighty one, the powerful God, the generous God. Because of God, our friendship can still go on, I really happy he understand, he is really a great friend! Thanks God, You listen to my prayer, again! Hallelujah!

Next challenge is to face with STPM, just be busy to forget those 'pain', 'disappointed' and 'feel sorry', I think it is work, what do you think? I want to get a good result, that ensure me to go to local university, because this is my dream! I want to be graduate from university!

I think I will delete the post about 'that' topic after the exam, so that the 'embarrasing' experience can be also 'deleted' in my life! I will be baclk after my exam, the biggest exam on 4th December, that is my last paper that day. So, see you again!

P/S: Please pray for me,
pray so that I can go through every paper during STPM,
pray so that I can let go the past and look forward,
pray so that I can be stronger in the future.
Thanks a lot~

2007年11月2日 星期五

Pictures with friends after prize giving day 2007

A prefect and a student try to avoid from the sunlight by hiding under a tree, hahaha!

Three friends~under a tree at civic centre

This picture is taken by my friend after the Prize Giving Day. My look with uniform, so fat, isn't it?

2007年10月31日 星期三

31st October 2007

Already the last day of October? Time flew so fast, less than 20 days before STPM, wow!

Don't know why, I always do something last minute...actually not only me, alot of my friends also like that. Now we regret, why we didn't start to prepare for the 'battle' earlier, but what can we do? It's already happen, now only we can do is...REVISION, REVISION, REVISION!

Today, the most enjoyful period is Biology, we can gather and discuss the topics that we don't know, and also sometimes jokes and laugh. Already too tension, cause me to become crazy this few weeks. My friend who go to college saw me when she was in holiday, said," Why you become thinner? And you also become crazy?" Ya, sometimes I speak crazy, talk nonsense even though it may make it 'cold'...I always give 'cold' joke, but not now. We just sat together and discuss the question we had done. It's really enjoyful and interesting too, we hate that we didn't do this previous month ago. I fall in love with discussion group now...But it's already too late...Sometimes we can ask our teacher when we don't understand, the teacher is so nice and will try to explain until we get it. Good job, my teacher! I hope I can score a good gred in this subject, maybe I can get Biological Engineering like one of my friend! He can get that course even though he didn't manage to get well result in STPM last year. God really make a good way to him.

In the evening, water supply suddenly 'short circuit', can you understand this sentence? That is no water! Oh damn, I can't bath and have to get water from outside of my house, because the pipe over there is the only one which got water. Don't know why this few days got problem deal with water. Last time is flood, this time no water! I really don't know what is going on in this housing estate!

After a few minutes, 1st November is coming. So fast, already November...then nearer and nearer to 19th November, I start nervous right now!

2007年10月29日 星期一


For the first time, for whole all of my life, I saw flood occurs in front of my eyes! Sure I see flood before, TV news shows a lot, but tonight, finally I know what is 'banjir kilat', that is lightening flood, do you understand? That is a flood suddenly happen after rain or the water rises up.

For whole my life, I saw the road in front of my house becomes river, a small river actually, not deep. Luckily the parking is built higher, same as behind my house. If not, sure the water will come into my house. Some of my neighbours' house, the water has entered their kitchen at the back there. Don't know why this few days, the road will become a small river, is flooded, but today is the worst, maybe because of raining just now.

Since a year I moved to Sarikei, this is the first time occurs in my housing estate. Just now my friend keeps SMS with me, discuss about the flood, because he just live behind my house, not really behind my house, just at the same row behind my house, do you understand my English? I'm afraid not. Hah! He also a new 'member' in this estate, newer than me, because he just moved to here at the begining of this year. He is also my classmate, a very talkative guy I guess, haha! Don't be angry if you read this blog, my friend, I just tell the truth. But he is really a nice friend, can talk and SMS happily with him, maybe we can sit at the coffee shop for whole day just for chit-chat! I never try before, you wanna try, my friend?

Now the water level decrease already, no flood right now, no 'river' in front of my house, really thanks God because we had built our parking space and behind the house higher, so that we won't face with problem today.

Don't know why I'm so excited when I saw a flood...maybe I am just like a kid, like to play with water, but I can't swim! Hah!

2007年10月26日 星期五

26 October 2007

Today in school...a lot of crazy things happens.

Actually not only I who going to mad , I think is whole class! Because of a song, a song which was hot last few years, I can't remember what the title is, the lyrics is "Asa lehe, leha leha..."and the dance too. Many version come out with the same song, got mandarin one, Iban one...Remember or not? Don't know the music comes from where, maybe from the kindergarden beside my school. The song is repeated for many things, we smiled and laughed when we heard this song. Maybe the kids learn to dance?? Young generation today...kids in kindergarden also listen to this kind of music? The song is nice, but if repeated a lot of times, it really annoying you know, I was yelling,"Please don't play this song anymore!" In my heart, didn't voice out.

In Biology period, the time we should do our revision, but I waste my time to chit-chat with my friends who sitting behind me. Three of us chat about a lot, including cars, hehehe...they talked the time they learn to drive, but I don't have that experience( I'm not yet learn how to drive), so I became...nothing over there. We talked about the plan after STPM, include find a job, a temporary job...we can open kopitiam already, ha!

But this makes me think about it. My dream to become teacher...am I suitable to become a teacher? I already interviewed twice, but still can't success. My result still terrible this time, NGMP only get 2.00 this time, pass but can't enter U with this result. I really don't know what should I do. I know I should study, but where's my heart? Of couse in my body, but I don't feel want to study. Remember last time I prepared for PMR and SPM, I striked very hard that time but now for STPM, don't know why I will become like this. My friends also said so, when study, you will think other things, maybe what you want to do after STPM, maybe your boyfriend or girlfriend, ha! Sigh~

This afternoon I went to rehearsal for the Anthonian's day, that is Prize Giving Day for my school. So bored and feel sleepy, don't what should I do tomorrow...I got Credit in Australian Mathematic Competiton, tomorrow I will get the certificate. It's really suprised that I will get this gred. A student who get D in school will get Credit?? Unbelieveable! But it happens! God's wonderful creation...

Hope tomorrow will be a good day.

2007年10月24日 星期三

Just recover from sick

Actually, I'm not completely recover. Still cough and have ruiny nose. Feel dizzy after taking medicine, just ...really suffer during study time, but if compared to those who have serious diseases, like cancer which will cause death, I'm really, really, really fortunate.

However, really need to thanks God. This time I didn't get serious as previous, happened in April if I didn't mistaken, the time when I sat for MUET exam. That time really suffer, because headache + fever + sore throat, made me can't voice out and stand stable. Luckily that day didn't have Speaking test, if not, sure I won't get band 4! Really thanks God on this.

Oh yeah, my friend promise me about HTML after my STPM! Great! Then I can also decorate my blog, yahoo!!! Ya, I'm really excited, I'm excited because I can learn new things. I know, I'm a computer idiot, hahaha, I mean on computer stuff, like hardisk, moderm...Last time while applying streamyx, I asked a lot of people, I don't know whether I cause trouble to them or not. Really soory to them...

Maybe because I'm still sick, my mood is...how to say, strange? But I know the main cause is...not really study, but guys. I know i shouln't, shouldn't think about this in this critical moment, only 25 days left, less than one month! But somehow...I can't stop thinking about this.
I just want to become his friend, that's all, why should it so complicated???? I really hope he and I can continue becoming friend after exam, I really glad to know this guy, honestly. I seldom have a very good opposite sex friend, we can chit chat happily, even though sometimes it is nonsense, talk nothing, but I feel happy to talk to him. Frustating...

Need to continue my chemistry exercise + revision. See you...

2007年10月23日 星期二


Some times I hate my streamyx eventhough I just use it this few days. I just wonder why it always disconnected at night.

In the meantime, welcome to my new blog, my friend!! For those who know about HTML and how to use it to decorate my blog, make my blog more interesting, please teach me how to do it.

Thank you!!!