2008年6月27日 星期五

New Stuffs I Get Before Starting The New Life

First of all, LAPTOP! It is ASUS ASX80LE-2B4P, bought in First Worldwide IT Centre in Delta Mall, Sibu. Costs RM 2099, Intel Pentium Dual-Core, 160GB speed, 2GB memory(given free 1 GB from the shop), Bluetooth...Thanks to my friend, he gave some advices on which brand and which preferences should I have. Although a bit expensive, but...it achieves my target to have the laptop, LOL. By the way, can someone please tell me how to use Bluetooth in laptop?

The view while I was viewing my blog, LOL. What is your comment?

And then is my new handphone! At last, I switched my handphone with my dad, Nokia 6300, can snap the better pictures, can listen to MP3, because it has memory card. Unlike my previous handphone, Nokia 6080. Although can snap pictures and MP3 is available, but no memory card! This camera is 2.0 megapixel, better than previous one, less than 1 megapixel. My music store still very empty, can someone send some MP3 to me? And now I can take lots of pictures! LOL

Actually this is not a new shoes, it is the ladies' shoes from National Service, *hahaha Shining after I polished it. Tell you something, I always polish spike boot during the training in National Service, = P

That big luggage just bought...the smaller one actually belongs to my dad, but I take it. You know, go out to further study just like moving to a new place...

Don't know why my mum bought me a wallet...Suppose guys who use the wallet, but...just ignore it.

Beautiful brown shoes...Suppose to wear in the university, but now I guess I don't have this chance already...just wear it when I go shopping. But still I got more and more new stuffs because I further study to IPG. Yea, I will study in Institut Perguruan Rajang, Bintangor on 14 July! Stay tuned on other pictures of new stuffs...

2008年6月26日 星期四

JPJ Test

I had the JPJ test yesterday afternoon. The result? I was FAILED! Why? Because I failed to climb the hill! I drove the No.3 Kelisa again, and last time I did it very well during pre-test. Maybe I was nervous that time, maybe I was to tired hat time. I waited for the road test for nearly 5 hours! From 8am until 1pm, I passed the road test, but...What can I say? Just have to take the test again after I back for semester break in November...But thanks God, at least next time I not need to take the road test again..

Looks like I am very weak on driving, have to pay RM 30(renew car L license) + RM 80 (re-take the test)!

But, if I get the IPG offer, I can probably back on August for the driving test, because the due date of my L license is on September, so I not need to pay that 30 bucks! Just hope to get that offer...will be announced on 1st July. Will be back to Sarawak if I success, probably the course will be held in East Malaysia...

Another busy day...whole day for car driving, tired + upset

2008年6月24日 星期二

Be careful when you walk!

Ouch! My knee became like this because I didn't careful when I was walking. This Tuesday afternoon, after I finished the bank stuff, my mum, my little brother and I walked at town. I didn't realize the road is unsafe, there is a hole and I...you know what happen next, it has been showed in the picture above! How clumsy am I, isn't it? Pain? Yeah, PAIN! But thanks God, at least I I still can walk. If I wore high heel shoes, what will happen? Need to use 'stick' to walk...LOL

Yes, we always need to be careful when we walk, no matter you walk on the street or...on the 'way' you want. Yes, sometimes we have two different pathway, two different choices. We need to twice...not only twice, but thrice but you make the decision to choose your way. If you make the wrong the choice, you need to receive the result your get, no matter is good or bad. Just like me, fell down because stepped the wrong road, the wrong place, and now, suffer from pain!


2008年6月20日 星期五


Busy, busy, busy!

Long time I didn't experience this...(actually just a few weeks I didn't experience these bust life after back from National Service)

Busy prepare the stuff to further study, including documents such as medical check up, bank account...and after a few days will be preparing for clothes, laptop, and daily use stuff... the flight ticket already booked yesterday, the price already raised because we booked later! Later in the morning I will be busy doing medical check up, opening bank account and get my certificates photocopy. Then...I have to continue my driving lesson.

Speaking about driving, I took the pre-test yesterday. Yes, I am PASS! But with the 2nd chance given by the examiner. As we know, the examiners for pre-test are not from JPJ, they are people from PUSPAKOM, so they are a bit wide-hearted, *hahaha Thanks a lot!

Do you get it? Haha, let me tell you the story...1st time I took the test, I fail because I knocked down the polls during the session-parking. Because I didn't look carefully on the symbol, thought that poll is the 1st poll, but actually is the 2nd poll! Again I did this mistake...Then I paid again, RM 40 flew away. After taking lunch, I took the test again. But I did a very embarrassing thing, please don't laugh at me when you read this. Do you know at session-parking, there are 3 spaces for parking. I wanted to park at the 2nd space, then I tried to park, got a tutor told me that I parked at the wrong place. You know why? Again got something wrong with my eyes, I didn't notice that the polls I looked at are the back polls of the 2nd space! And I stopped in front of the those polls and put in the reverse gear, then turn the sterling to the left...How silly am I! Then I realized what was going on, I quickly drove the green Kelisa in front and parked at the 1st space. After the L-parking, the examiner asked me to do session-parking again. Then I did again successfully. That's how I pass! Thanks a lot to that examiner...I will not repeat the stupid mistake during the real test, I swear! But I need to conquer this, how to not letting the engine to stop immediately during session parking? Because if I do this in the real test, sure I will fail! Somebody please share some tips...

Back to preparing stuff to Terengganu...oh gosh! Busy, busy and busy! Busy surfing on Quansheng website and seek advices from the seniors in UMT. Quansheng provides forum to let us interact and share. So, the university newbies can always ask question over there...Tired! Until I can't go to the prayer meeting yesterday night! I am also very blur, and other blur friends keep SMS and phoned me, chat with me in MSN, asking about this. Thanks for trusting me to give your guys help...I try not to get angry easily, as I am quite hot temper girl =P

Keep doing the stuff...Phew! Further study...lots of things to do...

2008年6月18日 星期三

Continue My Path - - > University

Already know which university I will go. The government had given me the course of Biological Science in Universiti Malaysia Terengganu (UMT). Yes, is in Terengganu, the campus is near to the beach. I heard from Quansheng, said that the campus has a beautiful scenery. Yeah, even the hostel is near to the beach, quite beautiful, right?

So, I will be registered on 29th June, maybe I will go there a day earlier. My dad will bring me, since he worked at Terengganu before for almost a month! And he said he will be there for a week, see whether I can get into IPG or not. The result of the interview will be announced on 1st July, during the orientation time in the university. So, if I success, I will quit the university and back, see which IPG they offer to me.

Yeah, I still hope to further study in West Malaysia. Actually I'm quite happy to get this course, is my 3rd choice and I like Biology. It just I'm too lazy...Don't know whether I can catch up after long holiday? Lots of things I had already forgotten...*hahaha But you ask me, if I am offered to be in IPG in Sarawak, in IPG Rajang, near to my place, will I go? Sure I go! Although that place is so near to my place...But sure I'll feel a bit sad, have to comfort myself, tell myself I can back to my home every weekend. Hey, I'm still young, I still love to play, would like to travel to other place. I never go to West Malaysia before, that's why I want to go there...

Whatever, thanks God and pray that HE lead me to the best way. If He think I should study in IPG, I will follow His order, and also the same with university. I won't say anything, I believe Him, I believe His plan for me is the best plan for me...

I'm not yet print out offer letters and other required documents, said the system will be open at 1 pm, so just wait...Will be start to busy preparing, flight ticket, luggage, clothes, and the most important is LAPTOP! I want it for a long time...*kekeke Can anyone suggest any brand of laptop? Promote to me, ok?

Meanwhile, I will be having pre-test for driving. Can I do it? I will be 'trained' tomorrow morning, I do my best and let God do the rest. Just pray, I know, I still very weak in driving...

University life...Will be start after 10+ days...

2008年6月15日 星期日

I still don't know how to drive!

I'm so disappointed!
I'm so sorry to my tutor!
Nearly cry after the lesson!

I started to learn to drive after Chinese New Year, and stopped because I went to join National Service. It was about a month had spent. Then after about three months, I finished my service and back to the lesson...

Yeah, I'm sound okay during driving at town, just can't remember the route already. But in PUSPAKOM...I did a very embarrassing things this morning! This is my first day driving inside there without the accompany of the tutor.

First of all, I even can't let go the hand brake! How stupid am I! I don't know what happen to me this morning. I went to PUSPAKOM after the worship service at church. I ride my motorcycle and it spent about 20 minutes. It was already almost 10 am when I arrived there. The tutor seems not very happy...Next Sunday I will join the evening session service, I will go there earlier, okay?

Secondly is about session-parking. Seriously, I already forgot some of the symbols. I knocked down the poles during the parking few times! But the main problem is, I still not pro in 'straighting' the car. I still not pro enough to use the sterling...How embarrassing am I! Please don't laugh at me...Then after the tutor scolded me for a few times, my parking seems to become better and better...

Climbing the hill...Still is a problem. I didn't say anything this because I really still not good in this. I admit...Why I learn all this once in a week?

The lesson continue tomorrow morning at 9am, driving at town. Just still not very good when facing traffic jam. I doubt, can I take the test before I go out to further my study? If I go out on 27th June, more than 50+% I still can't take the test. But if I am success to be taken by Institut Perguruan, the class starts on 14th July, maybe I got much time. I just don't know why I am slow learner in this, last time I spent a month to take the motorcycle ride test(Quite slow, isn't it?)

I'm nearly disappointed, my friend and parents said, take it easy. But I know, my tutor want me to take the test soon, and I also want to. I don't want to have this kind of annoying thing before I go out to study. I'm sure he don't want to have this kind of student, learn for a long time...

Nearly disappointed...
But I want to make sure, I want to control the sterling by myself tomorrow!
Can I do it?
Oh gosh...

2008年6月14日 星期六


令人惊讶!我没想到作者会将这张相片PO上他的部落格。感谢神,我享有网络的服务,我就从他的部落格里copy and paste这张相片,希望他不会生气。







2008年6月12日 星期四

Diary on 12th June 2008

Although this morning I woke late for my driving lesson, until my tutor phoned me twice, but I can almost controlled the sterling already *kekeke Just still very weak on turning, how slow am I! Felt so pity for my tutor...

But tonight, I back to my life with friends. Again, we went out and "yam cha" after prayer meeting. There are a lot of brothers and sisters who went out to further study, now they back to their hometown for holiday. That's why we gather together and went out. In fact, I am too free at home, almost every day I online, until pastor find out about that, because he also have MSN! You see, I;m blogging here right now, to spend my time.

We went out and eat, joke and chat happily. And we have another plan tomorrow! We will play a game tomorrow morning! I don't know what the game called, actually is a game between a dog and the owner, which is throwing flying pan, get it? I only played this game once, and I was too weak to play this game. See my result on tomorrow....

But, now the life becomes more tough. Earthquake in Sichuan, flood in America, and lots of disasters happen all around the world. In economic aspect, the prices raise and raise due the raising price of petrol. What happen to this world now? I start to feel unsafe right now...But thanks God, I know Him, and I believe Him. He lead my way and my life, so I live for Him...

I should use my time well...Can't just waste my time on surfing internet only...Beside go to driving lesson, what else can I do? Prepare to go to further study? I'm not yet know where will I go, maybe the result reveal on next week, probably next week. Tell me, how should I prepare myself to face tomorrow?

Whatever, live for the Lord, as the head of my blog said...

2008年6月10日 星期二

Memories in Kem PLKN Junaco Park, Sibu, Sarawak

The rock sign board, tell us that we already arrived Junaco Park, Sibu.

Dewan makan or dewan serbaguna. We have our meals here, have our briefing here, have our performance here, and sometimes can be use as a place to learn TTS(Tempur Tanpa Senjata), after the tables are removed. Every night we will gather here, to listen what are the activities on the next day before go to sleep.

The way up to my dorm--Asrama Wirawati. Very high and always tired to go up...

My dorm at evening scene

My dorm with rainbow

This is where I sleep every night.

Our bathroom and toilets(at the back). We didn't use that tank anymore, but we had our Water Festival over there! Splashing water to everyone and everywhere, singing Negaraku, Wira Wirawati and company's songs, marching! In the end, we washed the bathroom with wet clothes and body...But it was a memorable memory for us.

Dewan Kuliah. We have Modul Pembinaan Karater and Modul Kenegaraan here. Got air-conditional, quite comfortable and know a lot of friends from different companies here.

The volleyball court in front of Dewan Kuliah. That time there was a match between wirawati Delta and Alpha. We won!

Padang kawad. Every morning before 6.30am, we must line up here for PT. Here was the place we had our marching competition and also our closing ceromony.

Floating canteen. Always crowded after 6pm something, to buy daily stuff, to eat maggi mee *keke and to hang out with friends. I always 'lepak' here with my friends every night.

Beautiful scene behind the canteen. Do you see a 'pondok' on a bridge there? Left hand side one, my gang had our farewell party there at the last night in the camp, just sit on the wooden floor. Eating keropok and chocolates there...

The place we learn about canoe and raft.

Colourful canoes.

Rafts made by pipes and 'tayar'

The lake we learn how to play canoe...Please follow the arrow

Lapang sasar...The place we learn how to shoot.

Shooting...Already have lots of holes on that little hill...

Somehow the armies also know to sell syrup and burgers to us.

Taken with our beloved Cikgu Amor, my teacher who can speak Mandarin, teach me in Modul Kenegaraan, and always called me "Chan" during the shooting time at lapang sasar.

After shooting, here what we got! You see my name there? Chan Bao Qiong, Jumlah=57
Oh yeah! Below me is the 2nd-runner up of wirawati, with the high mark of 86! Our company got champion for shooting competition.

Yoyo...Champion and 1st-runner up of marathon! Celebration with whole Wirawati Delta, and also with our Company Leader and teacher.

Our Delta company's T-shirt, is it nice?

Taken with friends with company's T-shirt, how sweet...

Different poses everyone!

5 sisters with baju kuliah-Mee Mee, Shirley, Pei Chieng, Ah Beng, Bao Qiong

Ready to go back...

Me in the bus during the way back to my sweet home. Getting darker, isn't it?

*I will upload more pictures here, more pictures on my gang, the memories we had in the camp...Stay tuned!

2008年6月8日 星期日

Bored + Frustrated + Miss

Still online now, feel bored and frustrated...

I start to frustrate about my future, what should I do if I can't get into IPG or fail in the SPA's interview? If I am given the course which is not good for local public university, where should I further my study? What course should I choose?

My parents ask me to choose accountancy in private university, if I want to further study in private university. But accountancy...I don't know, I didn't hate it, just...I didn't prefer this job. But...I don't know.

If I go to private university, which university should I choose? UTAR is my favourite, but it only got March and May intake. I am worried I can't get into UTAR at this time. Other colleges such as Unitar and Twintech got July intake, it just...I don't know which place is better!

Target to find some information about laptop, because I will need to buy it when I further my study. But don't know how to make the survey...

Bored because nobody want to chat with me. Miss my friends from National Service, I want to cry today because of this...


2008年6月7日 星期六

About National Service

On 24 March, I was been called to go to Kem PLKN Junaco Park, Sibu, Sarawak. That time, I was postponed, and I applied to join Group 2, 5th Series in Kem Junaco Park. At first, I want to apply for Kem Bumimas which is nearer to town. I went there before and realize that the infrastructure are not that good, and for me, that place doesn't like a camp. I want to play, that's why in the end I choose Kem Junaco Park. Still remember, the activities started that day, that is doing company's flag. My company is Delta, symbolized by the colour of green and also by a horse, the animal we had chosen. Still remember that day, I met my Sarikei friends, Siew Ching, who I already knew her when we joined Red Cresent Society. Thanks her for accompany me to go through the first day in the camp...

First time I heard the song entitled "Bila Diri Disayangi", I wanted to cry. Actually this is a love song, but it had been chosen as the song of Kem Junaco Park. This song make me think about my family, especially that night I received my sport shoes from my parents, since I didn't bring them in. I even didn't see my dad that night!

First time I applied for hoilday from the camp, is the incident when my grandma passed away. That time was my 2nd week in the camp...

First time I fainted is after I ran, Cikgu Lina lead us that time. Since that time, I always got weak easily, and easily felt headache. And since that time, I had my first time in medic, lived in the wad.

Too many first time, including playing kayak and raft, kembara halangan, playing flying fox, not very high, only three storey high, I will play again if I got a chance. Shooting, that is holding M-16 gun, surprised to get marks of 57 out of 100! Wearing tudung...I sacrificed that first time when I have to act as a white bird for PPSB(Program Penghayatan Sastera dan Budaya) show, I wore white tudung that time, thanks God got people still recognized me as a Chinese girl. But during the time I wore black tudung for marching competition, got a Chinese girl spoke Malay to me, because she thought I am Malay!

Lots of holiday I had been taken, including the holiday I took for interviews and also there was a term holiday for us too. And lots of friends I knew from there, no matter what races are they. Miss them now, especially those who come from West Malaysia. I cried last night, for them, but also for other friends from Sarawak, especially my gang over there. Although I always left my gang, hanging around, but they always take care of me...

Last night, we had farewell night. We got performance although it was a bit messy, but it was another sweet memory, sang the company's songs, the 'tepukan'...Then we shook hand with teachers. After this, I greeted my male friends. Their eyes were red, me as a girl became the one who comfort them...My female friends, they cried when I hugged them...I feel want to cry again when I rewind this memory...

Say good bye to Kem Junaco Park, say good bye to National Service, say good luck to all of my friends, hope we will keep in touch after this...