2009年5月21日 星期四

Kursus Jawatankuasa Perwakilan Pelajar IPGM Zon Sarawak 2009

I felt lucky that I had the chance to join this course. Actually it was attended by 11 JPP members and 19 class monitors. It was held in Eastwood Valley and Golf Country, Miri from 10-12 May.

Although we spent about 7 hours in the bus during the journey to Miri, and also back to IPR, it was still worthy that we got the chance to know more friends from other three IPGMs and also the relationship between us is getting closer.

We started our journey at 7am and arrived there at around 2-3pm. The place is damn beautiful! No wonder it attracts foreigns to come to stay and play golf, I guess the fee charges is quite expensive. The room is good, it is a chalet and you can refer to the slideshow above. We did not neccessary need to stay with the participants from the same IPGM, I stayed with 1 from IPS and 2 from IPBL. Guys are very pity this year as there are 6-7 males in a room just because their amount is greater than female.

The course contained some of the talks and also the time for us to share about JPP in each IPGM. I had been "sent in" to Biro Perhubungan Diplomatik with senior from PISMP Pengajian Sosial and class monitor of KPLI Bimbingan & Kaunseling. It is indeed a good chance for me to know more about JPP although I am not one of it. The talks mostly the leadership and I am quite impresive with the way the speakers to give their talk and also the way to attract audience's attention. Encik Hadi from our campus was using wisel and one was becoming James Bond who played with water gun and shot on us! I was also getting wet, a little bit. Wow!

We even went for community service in Kg Selanyau, Bekenu. You can refer to the slideshow to find out what we do there. Before the community service, we went to IPS to get some equipments. Hence, we walked around, took some photos and met with our seniors! Miss them a lot~

You can know more through the slideshow. I will update it when I got more pictures on activities during the course. Just a bit sharing and I will update it when I want to.


2009年5月20日 星期三


终于,两天时间内, 考完3张。

下一场的战争,并非在赤壁,并非是曹操与周瑜之间的战争,而是在Bilik Cempaka 3的华文(二〕,也是我在这学期的最后一张考卷,最后一场战役。





因此,读书的态度也出现问题。 我选择豁出去, 我一直要将自己的压力降到最低,我不想在考试前过分紧张。

结果?得知自己做错了某些容易的题目, 记错数学的方程式, 虽然真的感到不甘心, 可是往昔和遗憾的感觉来得比较多。 就算我再多么不甘心, 我怎能再向讲师讨回我的考卷重改我的答案呢?一旦考卷交上去后,你只能任命, 祷告好让自己能够安然过关。

我真的很怀疑现在的我是不是变坏了, 我什么时候开始比较不注重学业?我什么时候开始降低对考试的注重?课业、考试固然重要, 可是我比较享受于我在学院所经历的活动以及人与人之间的关系。 我想获得更多、更新的经验, 不过那方面也要看我的兴趣…我真的很高兴,当妈妈允许我参加六月的卫理大会, 我总觉得, 我又有一个新的体验, 新的经历, 我为此感到非常兴奋!

可是,我真的不可以再以这样的态度对待我的课业,我的考试,因为我没有try my best! 我常常听到这句话:“不要在乎成果,只要你尽心尽力就好了!”问题是, 我没有尽心尽力去做我的事,我为此感到不甘心。这应该就是我的遗憾了。




2009年5月16日 星期六

Bad Luck, Thankful Day

My laptop's Windows corrupted, needed to be reformatted, oh gosh!

The day before yesterday, as usual I did not put the battery on the laptop, I just used the wire straight away because I heard the battery will spoil easily if we keep on charging it although it is full ( I guess some of my friends heard it before). Suddenly, the wire got loose and of course my laptop black out. I connected it back and it could not be used already! It kept on restart and restart!

I back to Sarikei to repair my laptop yesterday. At first I did not think the consequence, so I did not bring much things back, I planned not to go back this weekend but who knows, it needs a long time to back up my documents and reformat. Kiss goodbye to my movies and my beloved songs~~~And I stayed at home yesterday. Probably I will back to IPR this afternoon, most of my notes are there, I cannot revise without that!

Exam is coming soon, why all this things happen to me? Last weekend in Miri, performed in Malam Pra Gawai after back from Miri, then I faced with my personal problem(secret please...) and now, my laptop "play" with me!! Why all this things happen to me? WHY?!

During the time I kept on grumbling with my friend via SMS, he replied," God gives a task." I became silent. He is not a Christian and he replied this. How embarrased am I... An ordinary human always complain and grumble when he or she faces with problems, sometimes they even will blame on God. I should realize this earlier...

However, I want to thank God because of helping me to save my laptop. The first shop does not the adapter of my laptop and thanks God that my dad's friend who works in another computer shop has the adapter. I forgot to bring back the adapter, how clumsy am I... =P Thanks God that I back to my home, I have some contacts of my friends in IPGM at home and I contacted them to get some tips... Hehe~

Exam is coming soon, my first two papers will be on next Tuesday, English and Mandarin, two tough papers! My target? Of course want to be better than last semester! But the minimum is I could pass all the papers and not need to re-sit~

Gambateh to all my friends in IPGM!!!

2009年5月8日 星期五

Surprise News

I just receive this surprise news today...

I just know that I will going to Miri this Sunday!

Shock and surprise!

There will be a leadership course there, from 10-12 May. All class monitors and members of trainee's commitee (Jawatankuasa Perwakilan Pelajar) will join this course.

Don't know what to do, don't know what is that course exactly about, I...don't know where to get my black blazer, maybe I just go and buy tomorrow...who have black blazer???

2009年5月7日 星期四

1st Time to Join Convocation

What a wonderful experience! This is my 1st time to join IPGM's convocation and this was the convocation for KPLI from IPGM Kampus Rajang and IPGM Kampus Tunku Abdul Razak
(IPTAR, located in Samarahan). Yeah, it was a combine convocation from two institutes. It was IPR's turn to organize this occasion this year which was held on 7th May in Civic Centre, Sibu.

Oh yeah, forgot to tell you the reason why I took part in the convocation. Our class was responsible to be the choir to perform several songs. We had learn a lot of nice songs such as "That's What Friends Are For" , this is my most favourite song but so sad we did not sing this song during the occasion. We even learnt to play angklung, a traditional music instrumental from Indonesia. To play this, just shake it. It is easy to shake but difficult to shake gracefully.

I played this angklung with E code.

We had our rehearsal yesterday( 6th May) for 12 hours! Including set up the equipments, sound test and practice...It was very tiring and very tense too. I felt pity to Madam Ling, she was too busy to look after us and also to play well her music...

And yet, we still got a bit time to hang out around Civic Centre and enjoyed our tea break! You look at the picture above, we are greenish~yeah, our class T-shirt this year.

The day came...

View of the stage, I love the light effect, it was so GOOD~

We had camera service today, as you see on the picture above, you can imagine what we look like when we performed our songs....

After the convocation, of cause we will take our photos! Why are youngster love to take photos on their own? Wakakaka(talking about myself too =P) ,but first remember to clean up the place!

Here are some photos...Our 'private' photos are not included =P

We have our class photo on the stage...

But yet, all of us came to the stage and had the photo! What a beautiful picture, wonderful memory...thanks to the great light effect, the pretty stage, the glowing clothes...and also not forgetting to thank to our beloved Madam Ling, and Miss Hong who is our coordinator, and lastly, THANKS TO ALL OF US!

In the end, I give you all another editted picture of mine, the look of mine wearing new cloth~

Although it was tiring to have the choir practice, we sacrificed our time for it but it was valuable as all of us had another wonderful and different experience! Bravo to everyone!

P/S: I will update the photos if there are any new and beautiful photos. Managed to get the photos on gamelan...

2009年5月4日 星期一








2009年5月3日 星期日


松懈 · 考试

最近没啥灵感写部落格, 可能是最近的我不怎么敏锐, 没有仔细地观察周边的事情。

还有一种可能性, 随着课业的短暂结束, 我开始松懈, 只顾追看香港无线电视剧《金石良缘》, 有时去玩一玩 Facebook、SDO, 结果连部落格都懒得更新。

可是, 我开始隐约听到脚步声, 这个声音一天比一天地大声。 身量的渐渐提高也提升了我那负责紧张的荷尔蒙, 心跳加速、手冒冷汗……是的, 那个声音绝对不会让你我有个美丽的错误, 因为, 那是考试的脚步声啊!


随着日子的流逝, 生活却被歌咏团添加色彩。 我们即将在5月7日于诗巫民众会堂呈现表演, KPLI毕业啦! 我们为他们的毕业典礼献上悦耳的歌曲。 当天, 我们的学院是东道主, IPTAR也参与其中, 几乎全学院的学员与讲师都参与毕业典礼的筹备工作, 这简直是难得的宝贵经验呢!详情我会在毕业典礼成功落幕后在此为你们献上, ^^目前大家正在积极地练习, 希望能将最美好的献上, 也盼望当天会是一天美好与珍贵的日子。 对那日子即期盼又怀着忐忑不安的心情, 毕竟在这么隆重的场合之下, 有谁敢犯错、玷污当天的典礼呢? 压力来咯!


还好, 前几天荣获舒解压力的机会。 上个星期四, 我们三班举行了马来西亚传统游戏比赛, 即 batu seremban, congkak & galah panjang. 前两者的斯文游戏, 我曾经玩过(自认斯文, 其实简直是斯文败类, 因为懒得活动筋骨, 哈!)后者则是我陌生的游戏, 可是我妹说她曾经玩过。 其实, 这个游戏蛮刺激的, 连旁观者都为此游戏而疯狂叫喊!这个游戏需要精心的策略, 才能获得胜利, 加上时间的限制, 游戏更加精彩, 尤其一旦接近时间的结束之际, 气氛显得越来越高潮。 虽然我班输了, 可是大家都是胜利者, 是合作精神的胜利者! Player的汗水、Supporter的呼喊就是最佳的证据!


劳动节的晚上, 携带我妹参与音乐晚会。 教区青少年诗班, 我真是佩服你们! 你们呈现多首诗歌, 悦耳又动听, 令人陶醉其中, 更使众人知道, 原来在主里是有多么悦耳的诗歌, 它们既能安慰你们受伤的心灵, 也赞美主你的荣耀! 我久违的开元堂少团, 你们的演艺还是一级棒, 而且似乎更加创意哦!暴笑却能带出主体思想, 很容易让观众明白并吸收其中的要点, 很好! 我一定会将你们的故事文字化, 希望能获得你们的版权, 哈哈!

希望我的更新能够为大家带来我目前的最新消息, 顺便来为已久未更动的部落格添加色彩。

大学假期的朋友们, 祝你们假期愉快!

仍在考试的朋友们, 加油哦!

即将考试的朋友们, 大家一起努力啃书吧!