2008年7月27日 星期日

Enjoy, Fun But Busy, Tired

My 2nd week in IPR...

Our homework gets more and more, especially English. I have English as minor subject, and I need to take the English test in the final exam every semester. Miss Ong, our English lecturer had taken a lot of period, maybe she wants to fulfill the credit hours faster, as she will be busy after this. We need to write journal everyday, find a lot of notes in the library, and yes, I am a bit quite bored with English now...

A lot of presentations and notes need to prepare, such as now, I still finding Chinese poems and short stories through Internet, for the titles as the lecturer asked, such as 《长恨歌》、 《游子吟》 and the stories written by 鲁迅. Sleepy, but still going on, I am online at home now, the wireless in IPG does not very good, so I hope I can find all those information at home today. I even need to do the presentation for GERKO (Gerak Kerja Kokurikulum) too! I was selected to join Music/Choir Club, I really happy with that. I can be with those people who good in singing and playing music instruments, and also with those who are interested. For the first time I had that good feeling, sounds like I felt fortunate. Oh...Thanks God!

I try to adapt the new environment there, but seems like I still can't use with food there. I had to rush to the toilet for several times until I absent! So sad that I couldn't have 100% attendance, now I try to be present in the class unless I really sick until I can't even wake up from the bed. And then for the GERKO, I try to get 100% attendance, although I don't know how to play volleyball and I need to have a test on it. I need to learn new sport...About the food, I got once that almost a day I just ate fast food--Mi Sedap, and I afraid to take it for this moment. Sigh...

But, I can communicate well with my classmates, I start to enjoy the friendship with them...

Want to sleep already...really tired...

2008年7月20日 星期日

奇妙的道路- - 是上帝所预备的


7A1,1A2,1B3, 2B4





1A,1B-,1C+, 1C, CGPA=2.75





2008年7月19日 星期六

New Move, New Step Towards My Dream

Just finished my orientation week. Thanks God, I could went through everything successfully. I didn't fall sick, just not enough sleep; my muscles pain, but I already used to it. I had been gone through all this exercise days during I was in National Service.

So, there will be a new move, new step towards my dream to become a teacher. Thanks God, because He listened to my prayer. I will follow the way He had gave me, if He thinks the way to become a teacher is the BEST way for me, I will follow him. No matter I didn't feel much confident on myself, no matter how difficult the study life I need to go through after this, I leave up everything upon to God. I realize, how much the stress and pressure I need to tackle after this, the assignments, the presentations, the examinations, the outdoor activities, the life...I can't fail in my exam, I can't absent easily, I can't break the rules and laws inside and outside the campus. If not, I need to face a lot of punishment. Paying fine, kick out from the campus will be the most serious punishment, and then my 'penjamin' needs to pay RM 130,000 back. What a big amount of money! How should I didn't feel tension about this? My aunt becomes my 'penjamin'...oh gosh!

Somehow,sometimes, I feel I am not suitable to become a teacher, because, I don't have a good leadership! And, I give up easily on this...But, this is my dream, my ambition, to be in the education field. It just I had the 'honeymoon' for more than half year, then I can't use to back to study life again. Hope I can adapt soon.

About the orientation...Still OK to me, knowing new friends, and then just every night senior came to 'disturb' us, until we only had maximum THREE hours to sleep.The food always spicy, and less green vegetables, but I still can used with the food, I still can take spicy food, maybe because I always took spicy food in the camp last few months.

Soon, I will have the class next week, maybe outdoor activities also starts next week. I take volleyball! Actually got three choices - volleyball, ping pong and badminton. But it is a package, if I take volleyball in 1st SEM, I will be given ping pong in 2nd SEM and badminton in 3rd SEM. Because other two package got hockey and futsal, I rather to choose volleyball.

Yeah, I try to enjoy myself in IPR(Institut Pengajian Rajang). But don't forget to study! The only thing I hope for now is, I don't want to fall asleep in the class just like last time in Form 6!

2008年7月13日 星期日

My New Life Will Begin

Out of the topic, excuse me for a while...Last night I got the prize in Nam Leong Supermarket. I won the prize due to the lucky draw. Actually I just filled the form after I bought the sunblock few months ago, I guess in April or May, during my training in National Service. Nah, just consolation, small prize~

14th July, will be my register day, for IPG. Oh ya, I didn't announce occasionally here, right? Alright...

I got the offer from Institut Perguruan Rajang Sarawak(IPRS), for the courses Pemulihan (Bahasa Cina)/Matematik/ English!

Already finished for the packing, the formal clothes already so much pairs, black shoes also ready, important documents I guess also almost completed, except my medical report, will be completed on next week, I hope so. I hope they will let me off half day for finish my X-Ray and get the complete report. It said, "You must hand out your completed medical report with your chest X-Ray film within a month. If not, you will be disqualified." (translated by Qiong, original in Bahasa Malaysia) After this, I will check my stuff again. Two luggages, one bag and a pail, man! More than the stuff I bring for National Service last time, just like I will be immigrate to IPG (indeed, I am)Who ask me to stay there for 5 and the 1/2 years? But of course I will be back to Sarikei every weekend and during school holidays (I mean the SCHOOL holidays, IPG holidays same with the school), in fact, Bintangor is also same as my 2nd home. I am so lucky...but not very lucky actually, I get less chance to travel outside of middle Sarawak, =P

So, maybe you will see me blogging every weekend after this, or I will try to update in the hostel there, with my stories and feelings at there, and also with my future creations, LOL. Just can't wait to go over there, but the orientation...I have no idea, pray that God will lead me to go through the days over there...

Looks like, my new life will start tomorrow...8am maybe I will arrive there. Very near, I didn't need to spend money to buy airplane ticket and go to other states to study, suddenly again I feel lucky...Pray for me, guys, at least I can go through the orientation, OK?

2008年7月11日 星期五






“其实,我很早就喜欢你了。” 我的心脏差点停止跳动。小毛,不会吧?喜欢上我这位瞎人?
“看来你被吓坏了…没办法啊,只怪我太傻,偏偏让你看到我的丑样后才跟你告白的…谁叫我的头发天生是爆炸头?”小毛自言自语,却被我听到了。我忍不住笑了…小毛,你这样的发型又不会丑,反而与众不同呢!你自己都可以创造出“小毛” 发型啊!




这是我为《少年》七月号的方块字RECIPE所写下的文章。是看图写文啦,图片不方便PO上来,要看的话就去向朋友借吧!如果嫌钱太多,可以去 买一本啊,才RM5罢了!(可以吃一餐了,小姐,还花钱买杂志…结果,就被追打了,哈哈哈!)

NO·1 ─ 一个穿着黄色长裙的人,撑一把七彩缤纷的伞,和两只狗一起看海。
NO.2 ─ 一个爆炸头的男生,左手拿着一束花,右手拿了几个颜色鲜艳的气球。
NO.3 ─ 有一个人拿着黄色的气球在草原上跳跃。



2008年7月9日 星期三

9 Days Journey in Kuala Terengganu and KL Part 3

3rd July

Recover already this day. So, my journey in KL resumed back. In the afternoon I guess, Lala and I went to KL Sentral by KTM again. We went to KLCC!Of course, we went inside Suria KLCC...

Yeah, still a lot of branded shops such as Chanel...but yet, both of us like to read *hahaha so, we went to the big bookstore in KLCC-Kinokuniya!

It is not a library, it is a bookstore! I gonna spend whole day here if I come to KL again, LOL
This is my 1st time, to come to this BIG bookstore, with lots of books, magazines, novels, comics...amazed with that! I feel want to buy more books from here, but so sad, I'm not a millionaire, *muahahaha Lala asked me to buy magazines here, because it is CHEAP! Really cheaper than Sarawak, oh gosh... Of course I bought some magazines, but in Chinese...
3 books I bought, one magazine about mobile phone, another one is about teens, and Sudoku! I love to play Sudoku.
Felt hungry, so having lunch in food court that...I ordered hotplate yee mee. I ate hotplate mee goreng, hotplate kuewtiao before, but never eat yee mee before. Nice, but the noodles a bit hard, I didn't prefer this.
Hotplate yee mee...Feel hungry?
Then, we went shopping at Petaling Street, that time was about 4pm something. My cousin said, the street will be crowded at night, thanks God we went there earlier. The things there are cheap, good place to shop if you want to buy cheap stuff. I bought a slack bag for my sister, we argued the price from RM 45 until RM 28. My mum said, actually I can argue until RM 25...Hey, I still a newbies in 'arguing prices', *haha Finally I got a beautiful white long sleeve formal blouse from here! It costs only RM 27 I guess and good quality! Worth to buy clothes here...We bought girl stuff too, such as earings...Before back to KL Sentral, we bought 'Air Mata Kucing'. Delicious to drink, Lala said you need to drink this when you come to Petaling Street. Somehow, this drink symbolizes Petaling Street, isn't it?

Terrified evening arrived. We tried to get KTM to Shah Alam started
from 5pm. Then we waited until 7pm something when we finally got KTM, and arrived at Shah Alam at almost 8pm. 3 hours man! I even separated with my cousin because of the crowd! You know at that particular, there is a lot of people, especially the way to Pelabuhan Klang. Thanks to the two college students, who tried to help me to get into KTM, although it was not success. Somehow, kindness is everywhere...

Yeah, went to my uncle place there again. Again we stayed in Qualit
y Hotel. We had a walked to SACC (Shah Alam City Centre, I guess), you can say it as mini KLCC, because the name is similar. Just walked and bought cup noodles for our dinner. How pity were us!

4th July

Back to Kajang again. Lala went to a camp organized in Rawang, from 4th to 6th July. So left me and her housemates at home. At first I got a plan to stay overnight at Chiew Ling's place, but since they are busy, and my parents felt worried about if I do that, so the plan has canceled. Just stay at home with them. Angel, one of the housemates was very nice to me. She paid my dinner and didn't want to accept my money when I wanted to pay her back...oh...
5th July

Had another date with another friend in Midvalley. Midvalley again, but
it is the nearest shopping complex for both of us, since she lives in Puchong. Shirley, my national service friend, same company and same room with me. She can be counted as one of the greatest I even have in National Service. After arrived there, we queued up at cinema to buy tickets. It is Saturday, so a lot of people hang out in there. Quite a long queue, but we felt the time passed so fast, maybe because we just chit-chat while we queued up. At first we wanted to watch Kung Fu Panda, so sad the movie is too hot and no seats anymore. So we watched Run, Fat Boy Run instead.
The movie ticket...proved that I watched movie in GSC Midvalley before, *muahaha

The movie started at 2.30pm, so we went for a lunch in Sushi King. RM 30++for two people, the price quite okay, maybe because we didn't eat too much sushi, we just ate these.
Our sushi...Delicious! I love them!

I forgot its name, is in Japanese. Shirley introduced this to me, it is tasty! Thank you, Shirley!

Shirley's dishes. I also forgot its name, the food is tasty, but mine one is more tasty, *muahaha

After lunch, we went to watch the movie. My comment is...not bored, quite okay, and the point is, that man really loves his girlfriend, and joined marathon although he is fat, not very fat actually...

After that, we just walked around Midvalley, looked at clothes and accessories. Shirley bought me a beautiful necklace! Sure I will always remember you, a special friend I have in National Service! Before back, we bought some sushi in Jusco and buns near there. The sushi became my dinner. I just can't used to eat the salmon sushi and other fish sushi, taste weird to me.

What a wonderful Saturday...

6th July

It was Sunday. I followed the housemates to join the service in their church. Actually it just one floor of a shop, but yet, we still can praise and worship. During the worship time, it was like a concert, plus with dancing too. The Christian songs always nice to listen, it just that there were in Malay, I didn't use to it. Everything seems new to me, but they are very friendly to me, thanks a lot. And felt happy because I could have the holy communion there. Last month, I was in National Service, couldn't get in time to have that ceremony.

In the afternoon, just become a sleepy 'pig' at home. No activity until Lala back at night. We went to have dinner at the kopitiam near to our place there. Having Bak Kuk Teh and others dishes. She shared her experience in the camp with me, and me also shared my experience in National Service with her. Thanks God for letting us to join these meaningful activities, and may God bless her in her serving.

7th July

Bye bye KL! Bye Bye Penisular Malaysia! I rushed to LCCT, and nearly to be late when I went to the departure hall. It was boarding time when I arrived there. Phew!

Next time if got chance, I will come to Penisular Malaysia again, not necessary go to KL, other places also can. Thanks to Lala who let me to stay at her place, and also to her housemates for being so kind to me. Thanks to my friends over there for their willing to spend time with me.

2008年7月8日 星期二

9 Days Journey in Kuala Terengganu and KL Part 2

30th June (part 2)

After arrived from Kuala Terengganu, my uncle already waited me outside the arrival hall. My uncle came to Shah Alam for official duty, and arrived at KLIA at the same day too. Angela, my cousin or my uncle's daughter drove her housemate's Proton Iswara to the airport to fetch us. After I put my luggage at Angela (her friends used to call her Lala)'s house in Kajang, 3 of us went to Low Yat to see the computer accessories. My cousin, Chris want to buy a laptop to use in matriculation, so my uncle wanted to go there to have a look. So good, I also wanted to buy some computer stuff for my laptop, and Lala too wanted to have a look on laptops. We went there by komuter(or used to call it KTM).

Everything were so new to me, taking KTM...and arrived at
KL Sentral. We put our bags in the lockers, charged RM 1.50 for big locker and RM 1 for smaller locker. Lala brought us to go to Low Yat, and there...is really wonderful! I guess I can be crazy to look at laptops, computer mouses, handphones, digital cameras...So many choices there. That is really a famous place to buy electrical appliances. My dad bought me a pendrive before from there too. So, if you are in KL, you can buy those electrical appliances at Low Yat, okay? I become the promoter *kekeke
Of course I bought something from there! 2 Kingston pen
drives with the memory of 2GB for each, costs RM27 for 1 pendrive only! Cheap! No wonder my dad ask me to buy those things there...and also a computer optical mouse, costs RM13, but somehow, I really don't know how to choose...I supposed to buy RM 15, RM 19 or else, how come I bought the same mouse? I mean I bought the same mouse with my PC at home. Hos stupid am I! And this mouse can only available for Windows XP, not for Windows Vista...so stupid am I!
This mouse make me feel stupid!

Green Kingston pendrives...I got one blue Kingston pendrive, have only 512MG.

Then we went to Quality Hotel in Shah Alam, still by KTM. My uncle lived there...That hotel really suits to its name, really in good quality, but the air-con can't be adjusted, Lala and I didn't have enough blanket, and shaking while sleeping...
1st July

Woke up early in the morning and back to Kajang with Lala, b
ecause I had a date with my friends in Midvalley. Elly, her housemate came to fetch us at KTM Kajang, and brought us to Putrajaya, she works there. So sad that I can't really had a view of Putrajaya because I slept in the car. After having breakfast in the canteen, somewhere at the goverment office there, Lala sent Elly to Putrajaya Sentral, because she wanted to went to KLIA. Yeah, during the journey from the office to Putrajaya Sentral, indeed I viewed some scene there, at least I saw the word of "Jabatan Perdana Menteri" at the signboard, *haha Actually I saw the buildings there, the bridge and also some wonderful apartments there. Those apartments actually are for goverment servants...wow! Sarawak here only have quarters and barrecks, *haha

In the afternoon, I met my friends in Midvalley. First time I took KTM alone. Okay, not scary at all, because KTM will send me to that place, especially Midvalley, straight away. Really so happy to meet you, Chiew Ling and Poh Sien! Luckily we still keep contact through Friendster and MSN, if not, maybe I can't recognize both of you! Please don't be angry when you read this...We took lunch in Kenny Rodgers(am I spelling correct?), having quarter-meal, only Chiew Ling who want to keep fit, just eat fruits =P She kept asking the latest news of ex-St. Anthony students, as she is one of the ex-student there. I even didn't find out my sister actually met her before in Sarikei, feel want to punch her, *hahaha The chicken quite nice, actually I ate before with Lala in Alam Central while we were in Shah Alam, but different place, different food, although same company. The aromatic rice is different! But whatever, we really full and asked Chiew Ling to finish the muffin. We chatted a lot, although both of them chatted more, I know they live near and study in the same college.

Then we went shopping around Midvalley. My targets are black shoes and formal blouses. So just walked and chatted, besides looking at beautiful, trendy clothes. We even tried some clothes!

Cool? Actually I didn't bring enough clothes to KL, T-shirt also one of my targets. Seems like T-shirt costs RM40++ in Midvalley here, I decided to bought trendy T-shirt. Luckily my sister love this fashion, so I bought this cloth at Romp and wore this for one day. Lala even felt shocked when she found out I bought this from there. Is it a famous brand? Feel sorry to my sister, I wore the new cloth, then I give her...Borrow me for a day, can or not? Feel relief when shen didn't angry after found out this truth, she even too excited when she wore this cloth!

I mean she felt cool when she wore this, LOL.

I also bought a new black shoes from Vincci, for my study in IPG later. Again, my cousin felt shocked again when she saw the plastik bag... =.= My mum and I tried very hard to find this kind of shoes in Sibu, it is a hard mission. But in Midvalley, it is not a hard mission anymore, instead it is too easy! Lots of this fashion here, and I bought one!
After tired of shopping, we had some cakes in Secret Recipe. Those cakes were really tasty, but we couldn't finish it because they were big slice and very sweet too, especially we ate chocolate cakes. I couldn't stand it anymore and bought a bottle of mineral water there, but it costs RM 2.50! Oh gosh...

Went back by KTM also. They stopped at Serdang, one stop before mine. Unlucky we back on the busy time-'waktu lepas kerja' We became 'sardine' inside KTM, bot
h of them said this was their 1st time to face this kind of traffic jam. Really sorry to them...
Not sure what time I arrived at home, just remember that day I really, really tired...There is no much pictures on this days, because my handphone lack of battery, feel so sad with that... I didn't have much memory on this day, with my two primary classmates, for such few years time we didn't meet each other. But yet, still have one thing that should help me to view back the memorable with my friends in Midvalley...You won't believe this, the KTM ticket!The KTM ticket from Kajang to Midvalley, costs RM 2.60. The machine on that day wasn't good, it won't let me to go through, so the safety guard me to walk through from the gate. I guess that uncle forgot to ask me for this...never mind, as a souvenir from Midvalley, a ticket to go through my sweet memory with Chiew Ling and Poh Sien...
2nd July

This day, I felt sick. Headache, and so I slept whole day at home. Lala tried to bring me to Alamanda, but still I felt weak and felt want to vomit that time. Sigh...and at nig
ht, when I felt better, I followed Lala and her boyfriend to KLIA, since he wanted to have refund of his wrong ticket. KLIA is really huge and I remembered my dad kept 'promoting' KLIA to me as he never been in LCCT before, he always arrived at KLIA as he goes to KL for official duty, goverment servants use MAS airlines...LOL. But what he said is true. So I took some pictures there, to prove to my dad, I already been in KLIA! Although I didn't take MAS airlines...
Yeah, yeah...but I didn't fly to here...
Kuala Lumpur International Airport-Best Airport of 2005 and 2006, feel proud of it.
With big flower pot...*hehehe

Look familiar? You saw that pole before, in the picture above...This is the snapshot at check-in counter there...

Shops in KLIA...more choices compared with LCCT.This is actually at 2nd floor, unlike LCCT, only have ground floor...
We have our dinner here, McDonald in KLIA, about 9pm. I only able to have chicken porridge, while Lala and his boyfriend ate burger and french fries.

2008年7月7日 星期一

9 Days Journey in Kuala Terengganu and KL Part 1

Because I got the offer to go to Institut Perguruan Rajang, I quit to study in UMT. Sorry to seniors in UMT, and also my friends who should be study with me right now...But yet, I still took the flight to Kuala Terengganu...

28th June

The journey started early in the morning. My dad and I went to Sibu airport. Lots of teenagers were there, because they also went to Penisular Malaysia to further their study in the universities. Got my 3 classmates and 2 schoolmates were taking the same flight with me. Met my aunt and my cousin at the same time, they were also having the same flight with us. So the flight Sibu-KL...a lot of passengers. I also met an uncle, he knew me when I was in National Service, because I joined the church gathering there, which lead by him sometimes. Surprise when found out that the uncle actually is my dad's senior during secondary school!

Arrived at LCCT and met my old classmate, Tung Yee. He was my
classmate from Form 2-5. He also study at same university with me, and we already planned to meet at there and went to Kuala Terengganu together. Waited for 3 hours, lame but thanks God, we still can chat happily after long time we didn't meet each other.

Asean Kitchen in LCCT, my dad and I took the lunch here. RM 11.80 for each of us...Expensive...

After my another friend, Connie arrived, then 4 of us taking the flight to Kuala Terengganu, delayed for quite a long time. Saw lots of foreign touristm there, seems like for them, Malaysia is really a hot spot for having a vacation, suddenly feel proud to become a Malaysian, *hahaha There were passengers from China taking same flight with us, because they want to have their holiday in Redang Island, wow!

After arrived in Kuala Terengganu, there were seniors from UMT who came to pick us, with the purple bus. After arrived at hostel UMT, we were be arranged to temporary ro
oms. There was another our classmate who already arrived there one day earlier with her dad. Then 6 of us walked to the coffee shop near to the hostel. Tung Yee spoke wrongly when he tried to order ice lemon, he spoke lemon "beng"(ais in Foochow or Hokkien), but the waiter yet understand that language and his turn to ask us, " You know how to speak Bahasa Melayu Terengganu?" So special...The food are CHEAP as the price in Sarawak here! But one thing, the ice always half of the glass...=.=

At night, my friend's dad rent a lauzy Kancil and brought 6 of us to M
ydin. Can you imagine? Minus 2 adult sitting in front, 4 adults were sitting behind, with 2 fat girl (include me)...Mydin large, can buy anything here and the price quite cheap too! Sure I will adapt fast if I continue to stay there, although they are a lot of Malays there.
29th June

The registeration day for them, but I quit on that day. After I did the refund stuff, we packed and went to Kuala Terengganu by university bus, as there were family who also went out after brought the newbies into the university. Before leaving, I took this.

The room we stayed overnight. New hostel I heard, with only 2-3 people per room, quite good for me.

Then we stayed one night in the hotel. Went 'shopping' around Kuala Terengganu, my dad bought lots of 'asam jawa' and 'keropk ikan' there, some sault those are famous food there, the stuff must buy from there. He bought for his friends. He also wanted to buy 'keropok lekor', but because it can't stand for a night, he gave up. Lots of Malay traditional clothes and stuff there, and less shops of other races. That night, we only found only ONE Chinese kopitiam there, and we took the dinner there. The food okay, but quite expensive.

I guess this is the only Chinese kopitiam in Kuala Terengganu town...

30th June (part 1)

Morning flight to Kl. Snap some shots of Sultan Mahmood Airport in Kuala Terengganu as it just been built and still very new.
The building outside the airport...more beautiful than Sibu one.

View outside the airport...beautiful morning and new car park.Actually it was 7am that day, looks like the day arrive earlier than KL there.

Inside the airport. Unique, right?

More unique..."tower" in the airport. Sorry for that blushing person there...Do you see the black trapezium on the "tower" there? Usually got water there, but that morning still don't have yet.
Little cafe in the airport, have a drink first while waiting for your flight.

Watching TV while waiting..2 guys seems to be so...I don't know how to say, but that time the news was about the final of EURO 2008 on 29th June. I like this special waiting place, it just so special and so different with other airports. They have their unique.
Then the journey in KL started after arrived from Kuala Terengganu!