2008年2月28日 星期四

Me VS Election 2008

Election again! Will be held on 8th March 2008!

I am only 19 years old this year, of cause I can't vote, because I am not yet 21 years old! Still young * laugh But maybe because I am growing up already, and already learn something about the election in Pengajian Am last year, that's why I know a bit about this, know a bit about the procedure, but can't remember more now, because I already finish the exam, all of the lesson already passed back to my teacher* laugh

So many kinds of flags in town, not because of National Day is coming soon, the Malaysia and Sarawak flags is not hanging along the the road there, is SUPP flags, BN flags, DAP flags and so on. The promotion board is very big, there are some in the town, and also near the place I live. Sarikei is the merriest place of election in Sarawak this time, FIVE candidates is going for election! Maybe because the pineapple is tasty to eat *laugh

The candidates go around the town, the shops, the housing estates, even the long house, shake hand with the citizen and ask them to vote. Of cause they won't shake with me, I am too young ( still don't want to be old as less than one year left to turn 20) The 'catalog' are given to ask for support from citizen. More performance and shows are held, such as singing, movie shows...

It just the phenomenon during the campaign before the election. Last time when the election was held, I was too young to know about this. And now, I know a bit, but not interested. Dad and Mum always discuss about this, the hot topics in the newspapers mostly about the election, I am bored to read the newspapers!

Attention! I am not talking about politics here, I just share my general view on election, the phenomenon of the election. I don't mean to hurt other people...I am not interested in this topics, it just one part of my life, as I really feel the phenomenon. Just sharing, okay?

2008年2月26日 星期二

3rd Anniversary

26 February, our 3rd anniversary, 3 years we have been together as a couple...
Yeah, maybe you will say, only 3 years, there's a long way to go...
But actually, 3 years was a long journey already...already been through 1095 days!

3 years, we spent our two years separately, but he will come to visit me per month during this two years. We never celebrate our anniversary together, never celebrate Valentine Day before. We just SMS and chatting via phone as usual. Because we live in different place, although it only takes about half an hour of journey to come to my place. He is busy with his work, and he will tired at the end of the day. And me, for now I need to handle some house chores as my mum need to take care of my grandma, she is already acted like a baby.

My friends, we are weird because we didn't celebrate that two important days. Is it important? Sure anniversary is important, because we will know how much times we have been together. Valentine Day...as long as we love each other, actually this day isn't that really important.I didn't hope for a present from him, and I didn't give him any present that days. We will only give present at our birthday and Christmas only. Because our birthday is very near, only 8 days, and his birthday is near to Christmas, maybe this is God's wonderful arrangement, letting us not need to spend too much money to present fot each other.

3 years, we have been go through lots of difficult times, but not as difficult as the older generation, *laugh We need to face with the tension of the exam and from the school during our 1st year, until I cried so many times, until I had my gastric, that is the most difficult time. That time, we were only in Form 5. 2nd year...I already moved to other place, we have less time to meet each other, but he always comes to my place every month, but somehow got problem appear because the distance between us. Somehow I was too weak in the relationship, I couldn't control myself to have feeling on other guy, we quarrel several times because of this...T.T

The problem is solved for now I guess. I will be go out to study this year, this time really become long distance relationship. Can our relationship be maintained? Most probably I will go to National Service at least two months, start from next month. This will be some practice prepared by God for us. I can only contact him once in a week, because handphone is allowed to use once per week, at weekend.

Can we go through this? Pray for us...

2008年2月24日 星期日


我喜欢心理测验, 为什么?

虽然每次测验的答案都不一定是准确的, 可是跟星座比较, 我是比较相信它。 它可以帮助我更加了解自己是一个什么样的人, 所谓当局者迷, 旁观者清嘛, 哈哈! 所以如果大家很想更加了解自己, 却不好意思问身边的朋友, 不妨可以试一试! 但是答案只供参考, 千万不要100%相信它噢!

当然, 我也是一个平凡的青年人(其实也可算是少年人, 在思想和心态方面, 哈哈!)所以, 我曾经面对过不能了解自己的“大难”, 导致自己整天“昏昏沉沉”的, 毫无目标过自己的生活。 但是自从认识了主耶稣, 我有了生活的目标, 而最大的目标就是 ┄ 每天都为主而活。 我的人生就由他来掌管, 因为他已预备最好的计划给我了,所以我的前途、感情等等都交托给他, 我相信他!

目前的我正陷在升学道路的问题, 不知道哪个科系最适合我, 不知有没有关于这个的心理测验呢? 哈哈!

2008年2月23日 星期六


(from http://chinese4.cari.com.my)











































  你是一個外向和樂觀的人。雖然你也有挫折失敗的時侯,但開朗的你很快便會振作起來。異性朋友很喜歡你親切且友善的性格,但也 同時令你的配偶失去安全感。不懂表達感情是你的缺點,但寬容、大量及慷慨是你受歡迎的原因。同性朋友很難了解你,因為你性格天真單純,但這正是你吸引異性 的有利條件呢!
  你是一個依賴及欠缺主見的人,因此異性朋友總是覺得你是他們的小弟弟/小妺妺。在四個類型之中,你是最適合結婚的一類。你能 成功地佔據配偶空閒的時間;你總希望你是眾人的集中點。楚楚可憐是你給異性的印象,因此朋友們都熱心地保護及照顧你。穿著清潔整齊的衣服能令你更加受歡 迎。

2008年2月22日 星期五

Is It Too Fast?

Maybe I am too bored this few days. So, I started to look for some courses and colleges. Surfing Internet everyday, actually I have nothing to do after Chinese New Year. Sure the telephone bill will up to RM 80++ this month! Never mind, maybe I will not be at home after a few months, because I will going out to further study! Not matter is local university, private college or else...

The result will be released next month, and most probably I will going to National Service at that month too. I'm worried I don't have much time to decide which course, which university I'm going to choose, because maybe I will be in the camp soon after the result is released. Maybe that's why I become so rush.

Which field I like the most? Education? Sure, is my beloved one! Remember last time I was crying whole night, I lost my chance to become the temporary teacher in Daro with my friend because I have a camp to go (actually I know, my parents are worried about me). Although I'm not a good tuition teacher right now, but I still love to be in this field...yeah, sometimes I hate naughty students, =D Sure I will apply for IPG (Institut Perguruan) this year, but change selection to the "coolest" courses...Hehe. If I can go in there, sure I will left out everything even though I'm in the college that time maybe, no matter I need to study for 5 year and a half in the nearest IPG near SMK Meradong there!

Now I am looking for UTAR. Lots of friends study there, and the fees are quite okay, at least I apply PTPTN loan. I am thinking to choose Biotechnology there, but don't know whether I can cope or not. I found my love on Biology while I studied topics about Biotechnology last year, but I feel regret that I didn't study well for Biology that time. One year and the half syllabus, how can I cope it all in few months only? I was too lazy, always fell asleep in the class...although I can get a C- in Biology for my trial exam, will I get better grade in the real exam? I didn't try the best that day...I was panic and forgot some although I got prepare it. *Sigh

No point to worry now, I already passed up my papers, all can I do is PRAY! Just hoping I know what is the way God will lead me to, He knows the best for me. I follow His plan, because I believe in Him.

I have downloaded application form for scholarships and to enter UTAR. Don't know why UTAR only have intake on January, March (if I'm not mistaken) and May. Actually I prefer to go to local university than private one, is cheaper. But if I can't get into local university or get the course that I dislike, I will apply to go to private college. Is just UTAR have the latest intake on May, and usually local university will have the intake on July.

What should I do? Choose other college? It has higher entry requirement for Biotechnology in UCSI, AIMST and IMU. Yeah, IMU has the intake on August or September, but the fees are more expensive. The other two universities, I still not getting information about that. But UTAR has the cheapest fees among them.

Any suggestion? Haha, I just one of the person who is stacked in the way to the future, facing difficulties and need someone experienced to share their experience, just to give some advice.
But all of this has to give upon to the Lord, He is the one who lead my way...

2008年2月20日 星期三

Too Many Sad Things Happen Around Me

Previously, my grandma was admitted in the hospital. She is fine now, but her glucose level is still not very stable...she got diabetes. So, don't know when she will come out. I don't know what had happen in the hospital previously, suddenly the security becomes so strict. They only allow people to come in the wad at visiting hours, no matter you come to visit the patient or to take care of them. This make my parents can't go in on time. Have to come in before 7am or else you come in at 12.30pm. My mum need to send my siblings to go to school and she can't go to hospital on time! If she goes at 12.30pm, who is going to bring my siblings back? I don't know how to drive...

Too many sad things happen around me...First, the nice Dr. Yap in Sarikei got knocked down by a motorcycle before Chinese New Year. Then he passed away after a few days in Kuching. So sad he just passed away like that. It's the 15 years old rider's fault. I heard he is sent to the "pusat pemulihan" already.

Then another sad story in Sarikei. A Chinese man suddenly got hear attack and passed away while playing badminton at the 3rd day of Chinese New Year. My dad knows him because he is also a government servant. But the shocked news is, his is my classmate's dad! Sharon lost her dad! That day afternoon, we wanted to go to her house but she was not in the house at that time. And the day before she wanted to visit my house but I was going out. Can you imagine? Lost the closest parent in Chinese New Year...Feel very sad to her...

Do you know who is Lydia Sum? The "Fei Jie" which is a fat artist in Hong Kong...She had lots of diseases because of obesity. And she was passed away few days ago. She was really a good artist and a good MC for some charity shows in Hong Kong. I love her shows and her laugh always brings the happiness all around us. Feel pity to her daughter, she is only 21! Elder two years than me...

Just now my friend SMS to me, and told me, he couldn't accept the sad news he has received just now. His beloved uncle suddenly "left" them forever...He was really sad, I know...It just too many this kind of stories happen around me this frequently. My friends lost their family member especially during Chinese New Year, the Chap Goh Mei is held on tomorrow, the celebration still not finished yet! Why so many things happen at this time?

Please God, bless them all...

2008年2月18日 星期一

I'm Worried

My boyfriend was toothache just now, and he came down to Sarikei to look for dentist, not in the government clinic, is private one. So, his dad and I accompanied him. After the treatment, we went to eat, only he couldn't eat, so pity! That time, I heard ambulance's siren. I took it as common as we always heard it.

After arrived home, my sister told me, an ambulance came to my house just now, because grandma was fainted and nobody couldn't wake her up! So, that means, just now the person who was sent to hospital is grandma! No...she will be alright, she will be! I don't want this also happen in my family for now...God, bless her so that she will be alright!

2008年2月10日 星期日

Chinese New Year 2008

Another crazy time to have! Crazy visiting, no need to take lunch and dinner! That one is very usual already, every year we done this, right? But this year is more crazy than last year, because we didn't have the pressure to study, not need to worry to finish the homework...But for those who already start working, they can't celebrate this festival season for long time, need to work.

4th of Chinese New Year already, school will be re-open tomorrow, some of the people need to start their work tomorrow. Sure will have traffic jam today, because most of the people back to their study or working place today. So sad Sibu again is flooded...But still having visiting to relatives' and friends' houses today, but for today, most of the people came to my house, most probably are my sister's friends. I only went out tonight, but so sad my friends couldn't find me when they wanted to come to visit me. I hate myself not patient enough, can't wait for them, then followed my aunt to go out. It's all my fault! The same things happened on 2nd day of Chinese New Year too! My classmates couldn't find me because that time I went to my relatives there. Somehow I felt, I need to make a choice between two different, good choices, including visiting houses.

1st day of Chinese New Year, as usual we went to church for the Chinese New Year service. Thanks God, it was a sunny day, not a rainy day at the 1st day of Chinese New Year like what happen in previous year. Visited some houses at Sarikei there, and then went to Bintangor in the afternoon. Really enjoy the gathering time with old friends after a year we didn't contact to each other...Really hope we can spend some time and have the gathering again. At night, I went for a party with my colleagues in Friendly there, and also went for the visiting with them. My uncle's family came to my house at 10pm something and back at 12 midnight!

2nd day...went to relatives' house, I love the wedding photos! My cousin is married last two months. So beautiful, I hope I can take that kind of photos when I am married, wakaka! That day is especially for visiting relatives one, our custom. Really miss the time when all the relatives back and four cars came to visit aunties' houses. The memories are very sweet, you know? What a happy past time...

3rd day, the most crazy day! Visited 11 houses I guess, from 10am until 8pm something! The first time...but so sad some of the friends and teachers were not at home when we found them. Still not finish visiting yet...

This Chinese New Year, I just sleep and eat, sure will be fat, hahaha!

2008年2月7日 星期四

Happy Chinese New Year 2008!

Happy Chinese New Year! Finally it comes! Just past the moment, with lots of fireworks and smokes too. I had recorded some video clips about it, don't know whether I can upload them or not. My dad also "take part" in it...just long fire crackers only, "Pi Li Pa La" there, but very loud, not wonder the monster will run away when it heard the sound...I am talking about the fairy tales about Chinese New Year...

There is something about Chinese New Year want to share with your all...take from Wikipedia:

According to legend, in ancient China, the Nián (年) was a man-eating beast from the mountains (in other versions from under the sea), which came out every 12 months somewhere close to winter to prey on humans. The people later believed that the Nian was sensitive to loud noises and the colour red, so they scared it away with explosions, fireworks and the liberal use of the colour red. These customs led to the first New Year celebrations. Guò nián (simplified Chinese: 过年; traditional Chinese: 過年), which means to celebrate the new year, literally means the passover of the Nian

So, that's why we will play fireworks, it is a traditional custom. But there is a fireworks ban, because it is too dangerous. There is a powerful firecracker which the sound is very loud, I really scared of it. My sister got injured just now because of that firecrackers. My neighbour played with it, then it is so powerful until something flew up and hit my sister, maybe is a stone or something else. I really scared of that kind of fire crackers, so loud and I felt wind blew up my hair when I stood a bit near of it. Really scare...Please someone don't play this kind of firecrackers, okay?