2007年11月30日 星期五

One paper left!

Oh yeah, left Biology paper 2! Time flew so fast! So fast I still left one paper, on next Tuesday morning, after 10.30a.m., I will be free! Free from school, school rules, teachers...but I gotta miss my friends, hope we can still hanging out after exam, still chatting, still SMS...hope we can always keep in touch!

Today I just study some of the essay questions, spotted by some people include students and teachers, quite a lot, you know! Then just online and chat with friends, they discussed aobut Biology, cool to have such pro friends like them! It helps me to study more and revise more, but I am bit bad and lazy compared to them, because they didn't online during exam week, unlike me, everyday online, although streamyx got time limit.

I am kinda person who always spend a lot of money. Last time I phoned a friend at West Malaysia for 2 hours! Don't know have to pay how much for this month telephone bill, maybe up to RM 200! This month only, don't know where the telephone bill go, my friend already received it...Yesterday night I phoned my friend, that is also my classmate and my neighbour and chat about 1 hour and the half, discussing about exam stuff, only this month, okay? But after exam, I will go to a vacation trip for 4 days and 3 nights. Costs RM 175! Looks like I need to work after this, after I back from National Service, see whether which badge I will going to join next year. Is there any job can be introduced to me??

Need to work hard for this paper. This is my last hope to get into local university. If Biology can get gred B, perhaps I can get a course specialised on this subject, maybe...If the spotted questions come out, haha!

I wonder why no people leave a comment after viewing my blog? Or just not many people viewing this? I already promote this address to all of my friend through Friendster, are they not interested to know me, or my blog is too lame? Oh no!


2007年11月25日 星期日

Two days...Still playing!

This two days break, is really a break! Just like I'm in holiday, sigh~

Yesterday, I went to Pineapple Festival. What is Pineapple Festival? Let me explain...
Pineapple Festival is organized few years ago, I didn't remember who and when it starts. Got a lot of stalls and exhibition from many departments, besides got fruit competition, singing competition, and a lot of activities. Yes, a lot of people especially in the morning and at night. Yesterday night, I went with my family. Every year go with family, really feel a bit lame, but what to do? Nobody wants to go with me, haha! Just kidding! But really saw a lot of friends and just kept saying "Hi!"
This festival will finish tomorrow...

Tonight, Myfamily and I went for a dinner, organized by Agriculture Department. The food is okay, but my stomach already full. The shows wasn't good, the PA system not good, only hearing the Ibans singing, so lame. Luckily he accompany me, if not, tonight will be very dull until fall asleep, haha! My dad's friend showed his son's married photograph in the handphone, I don't know why. His son, that is my friend, only 21 years old, still in the university and her wife just 19 years old! Don't know why they married early...

I waste two days already, what should I do? Next week three more days to go. This time is two days in the morning and one day in the afternoon.

26th November - Biology Paper 1 (8-9.45 a.m.)
27th November - Mathemathics T Paper 2 (8-11 a.m.)
28th November - Chemistry Paper 2 (2-4.30 p.m.)

Need to do better in these papers, because I already half of Chemistry and Math! Please pray for me!

2007年11月20日 星期二

P.Am Fever...Finally Recover

At last! P.Am paper finally finished~
Can throw away the book, hahaha!

Saying about today, starts from morning, I was woke up by a friend's message...ask me about a particular part in the paper. Then I SMS with other friends whole morning, asking about this and spend a lot of money!

The fever continue during that three hour exam. Starting from 2pm until 5pm, me again finsihed the paper just in time! But this time I didn't success to colour the graph...Still not comfirm with my all answer, don't know whether can score high mark or not, hope can get at least A- in this subject! But if I get B+, I have nothing to say...

I guess, after the exam, maybe it will be a result 'Flu' season, especially on Mac next year, because the result on that month. Now will be Chemistry "Fever''...I guess I'm not only fever, but PHOBIA!

2007年11月17日 星期六

Still in Fever~~

In exam fever, not me who get sick! TENSION!!! So have to online and blog, today is my longest day for online, about 5 hours maybe. I'm not using RM 66 for 24 hours one, I use RM 44 for 60 hours poer month...never mind, after this, I won't online until next month. You can say I won't use a lot this few days, but don't forget, my sister will online for a long time too, haha! At least next week nobody will online, because I am going to have exam, my sister already in the camp for a week. A week?!! Nah, she is one of the in-charge, need to go earlier.

Today don't know what happen to STPM candidates...I mean my friends. I think they are in P.Am fever, because we will have P.Am next week. Got four person I think, found me to discuss about P.Am Paper 2, asking about hot topics, pass year questions. Got one guy, he is nearly graduate from college, I don't know he help who, he doesn't have younger brother or sister who have this exam. He asked me hot topics by SMS. Thanks God we have the infrastructure of using handphone, can always SMS, not need spend a lot time and money, haha!

"FEVER" until 4th December...Phew!

Exam Fever!!!

Argh!!!! TENSION!!!!

19th November is coming soon, but still I not yet do anything much, beside reading P.Am essays. Next week need to go through four days of examination!

19th Nov--P.Am Paper 1(morning)
20th Nov--P.Am Paper 2(afternoon)
21th Nov--Chemistry Paper 1(afternoon)
22th Nov--Math Paper 1(afternoon)

Maybe you will say, at least it won't be too pack, just like SPM, but three papers in afternoon?? Oh man!

And one thing, I start to hate myself, because I just fool around at home this few days, do nothing much, and now I start to worry, worry why I don't have the spirit to do the preparation, just like before SPM two years ago. I don't know what is going to happen now, I really afraid I won't get a result that enable me to enter universtiy! Oh man!!!

Somebody please help me!!!

2007年11月8日 星期四

My Class T-Shirt!

Our class members...can you see my name?

The comic at the back...It's drawn based on our class photo. So shocked when guys become handsome and girls become pretty, haha!

The back view

The front view...black and orange, plus with simple design, isn't it beautiful?

At last! Our class T-shirt has already in our hand! So happy to receive it, and the things happenly magically, today is our last day at school, we will have our study leave starting tomorrow! But the time flew fast, only left 10 days! After this there is no two digits left, only one starting tomorrow...start to nervous. Actually we didn't know we will have the leave tomorrow, the principal suddenly made this announcement. When we heard about this, the response at first is shocked, then here comes an applause. Actually we didn't feel really happy, we felt shocked and I started to nervous because I can't easily seek for help...never mind, I can go to school and find teacher tomorrow.

Hope this T-shirt can be one of our memories...

2007年11月3日 星期六

Try to be strong

Be strong, for your study, for your life, for your future, forever and ever...

Yes, I need to be strong. I need to be strong to face the difficulties in my life, no matter the problem is big or small, no matter it's really difficult to go through, I have to, this is what God wants me to do, he wants to train me to be a strong person.

Just let go, let go, don't live in the past, these are your history already...he told me just now. Ya, just let go, this is only another experience in my life, ask me to be royal to my boyfriend, forever and ever. Even though one day I lost this boyfriend, I won't be together with other guy, they must be not accept if they find out my secret...just ignore it. I don't know whether he can understand what was I saying just now. But never mind, I also don't want your all to understand.

But it's really hard to give this up...never mind, someday, I will be, I just need to depend on God. God is the mighty one, the powerful God, the generous God. Because of God, our friendship can still go on, I really happy he understand, he is really a great friend! Thanks God, You listen to my prayer, again! Hallelujah!

Next challenge is to face with STPM, just be busy to forget those 'pain', 'disappointed' and 'feel sorry', I think it is work, what do you think? I want to get a good result, that ensure me to go to local university, because this is my dream! I want to be graduate from university!

I think I will delete the post about 'that' topic after the exam, so that the 'embarrasing' experience can be also 'deleted' in my life! I will be baclk after my exam, the biggest exam on 4th December, that is my last paper that day. So, see you again!

P/S: Please pray for me,
pray so that I can go through every paper during STPM,
pray so that I can let go the past and look forward,
pray so that I can be stronger in the future.
Thanks a lot~

2007年11月2日 星期五

Pictures with friends after prize giving day 2007

A prefect and a student try to avoid from the sunlight by hiding under a tree, hahaha!

Three friends~under a tree at civic centre

This picture is taken by my friend after the Prize Giving Day. My look with uniform, so fat, isn't it?